Apply for an organisation

Organisations can apply for a Blue Badge if they care for and transport people who qualify for a Blue Badge

Before you apply

An Blue Badge can only be used by organisations who provide care for, and transport, eligible passengers.

If you are re-applying based on an existing badge which is about to expire, please make sure you select the option which states you are re-applying - and then put in the six character number (at the front of the badge number) to show which badge you are re-applying against.

  • An organisational Blue Badge costs
  • £10
  • for the organisation
How long it takes

You should receive your badge 4 to 8 weeks after we receive your application form.

The badge is valid from the start date appearing on the badge. 

Apply by post

if you are unable to apply online download an organisation application form.

Return your completed application form and £10 cheque payable to Hampshire County Council to the Blue Badge Unit, PO Box 696, Fareham, PO14 9PD.