Parking is controlled to improve road safety, reduce congestion and ensure access for emergency vehicles

Car parks

Car parks are provided by district/borough councils and unitary authorities. There are also a number of privately run car parks in some shopping areas and some town councils run car parks. 

See district council websites for details of car parks.

Waiting restrictions

The main reason for imposing parking restrictions is to prevent obstructive and hazardous parking. Some exemptions exist for disabled drivers

Waiting restrictions are implemented to resolve a particular safety or congestion issue. Their removal would only be supported if it is clear that the original issue would not return. This also applies to the removal of any parking bays on the road.

The Road Traffic Act prohibits heavy goods vehicles from parking on footways unless they are making a delivery.

Residents parking schemes

The introduction of a residents parking scheme requires a Traffic Regulation Order. This is usually done on the County Council’s behalf by district councils.

Permits issued, usually at a cost to residents, enable the scheme to be enforced.

In most cases district/borough councils are responsible for enforcement of residents parking schemes other than in Gosport where the Police are responsible for this.

Disabled parking bays

Disabled bays can be used by any driver displaying a valid Blue Badge in their vehicle. In most cases the district/borough are responsible for disabled bays.  Requests for disabled bays in Gosport are dealt with by the County Council.

If you have a disability that makes it difficult for you to get to and from your car, you may qualify for a disabled parking bay outside or close to your home.

Disabled parking bays in residential areas are "advisory only", so they are not legally enforceable. An enforceable disabled parking bay will have a legal Traffic Regulation Order applied to it and will have an accompanying sign stating ‘Disabled Badge Holders Only'

Dropped kerbs

You can apply to the County Council for permission to have a vehicle crossing (dropped kerb) installed on the road adjacent to your property. You can also apply for an existing access to be widened.

Blue Badge Scheme

The scheme allows the holder:

  • use of designated parking spaces
  • in some circumstances parking on single or double yellow lines
  • free parking at parking meters in some areas
Hospital parking for volunteers

Voluntary car schemes can receive a permit to park at hospitals.

Hospital parking