Access protection markings

Access Protection Markings (APM) are white markings in the shape of a wide H that may be added to the road across a dropped kerb. The markings indicate that parking nearby may cause a problem and can prevent vehicles parking very close to the access. APM are advisory but when used sparingly they are generally respected by road users.

You can only apply for an access protection marking if you live in Hampshire. If you live outside of Hampshire you will need to contact your local council.

Hampshire County Council charge a non-refundable fee of £130 for the application of a new marking, or reapplication of a worn marking.

Dropped kerbs

The access to your driveway is not part of the public highway network and therefore forms a private access. Hampshire County Council does not make adjustments to private accesses that are too narrow. The owner can apply to widen a dropped kerb, see the dropped kerbs page for more details.

For shared driveways, all properties will need to give written consent for the marking, but only one application is required. The images below show examples of a shared driveway and single access.

Shared dropped kerb on two driveways

Access protection markings and dropped kerb on a single driveway


Hampshire County Council reviews all requests received and reserve the right to reject applications for certain examples, such as:

  • wide dropped kerbs spanning several properties
  • locations with existing parking restrictions

Applications are more likely to be approved if:

  • there is history of parking across or partially across the resident’s driveway
  • the introduction of new parking restrictions is neither feasible nor imminent

Hampshire County Council’s decision is final and cannot be appealed. If approval is granted, then the implementation of this marking will be programmed alongside other normal works. The process can take 8 to 12 weeks from approval. Completion of the work is subject to staff and contractors’ availability and workload, and factors beyond the control of Hampshire County Council such as weather conditions. The council shall not be held liable for delays arising from these or similar factors. The £130 fee is charged for the application of the marking, or reapplication of a worn marking.

  • Applications to install APM where there are double yellow line restrictions or white zigzag markings adjacent to an access will not be approved
  • APM will only cover the extent of the dropped kerb from the nearest full height kerb to the next full height kerb
  • APM cannot be extended to incorporate two separate driveways unless this would lead to gap of less than a car length to the next dropped kerb and both owners are willing to apply for an APM across their driveway
  • APM should not be used to reserve on street parking. Parking on the marking devalues its meaning and may indicate to others that you do not use your driveway
  • Applications for an APM will be determined by the Council officers after full consideration of the submitted evidence and a site visit
  • Line painting works should only be carried out by the approved council contractors, using the correctly prescribed methods and materials. It is an offence for the public to mark lines or erect signs on the highway without the consent of the highway authority
  • We do not paint markings on the opposite side of the road to the property requesting them as a form of parking management, this would not be the appropriate use of APM, which are used solely to highlight an access

Further information about access protection marking

Before you proceed with your application and payment, should you wish to discuss or are uncertain if you are eligible, contact us by email [email protected].

You can apply online using the Access Protection Form. If you prefer to write to us, send your application to Traffic Safety, Universal Services, Hampshire County Council, The Castle, Winchester, SO23 8UJ or email [email protected].

Apply for Access Protection Marking