Parking permit

Hampshire County Council manages on-street parking permit schemes for these districts:

  • Basingstoke & Deane
  • Eastleigh
  • East Hampshire
  • Fareham
  • Gosport
  • Hart
  • Havant
  • The New Forest
  • Test Valley
  • Rushmoor
  • Winchester

Any person who lives at an eligible property within a residents' parking zone may apply for a residents’ parking permit. Each property has a maximum number of permits that can be purchased and once this is reached no further permits will be issued.

The permit allocation varies depending on the location of your property. MiPermit has been set up to allow each property to purchase the correct number of permits that it is eligible for. Not all properties in a permit area will qualify for a residents’ permit. If you have any questions about your property’s eligibility, please contact the parking service team.

To apply for a residents’ parking permit you need to provide evidence of your residency. You must have at least one of the following from each category:

Personal details

  • name
  • address
  • email
  • mobile phone number

Proof of residency

  • council tax bill
  • utility bill

Proof of vehicle ownership

  • vehicle registration document
  • hire or lease agreement
  • letter from employer
  • insurance certificate

If your vehicle is a work vehicle that is registered at another address, we will require a letter from the business confirming you have permission to use the vehicle, and confirming the address where the vehicle will be kept.

Residents' parking permits

New parking permits will be issued digitally so no new paper permits for residents’ or visitors’ vehicles will be issued and all information will be stored online.

Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) carry out regular patrols of each resident zone. Each CEO will be able to identify vehicles parked with a permit by entering the vehicle registration into their handheld devices. Any vehicle not showing to have a valid permit may be issued a Penalty Charge Notice.

It is an offence for a vehicle to be parked on the highway with a cover obscuring the vehicle registration plates. The cover may be lifted so that the registration number can be seen. If the Police see a vehicle parked on the highway that has a cover which obscures the vehicle registration, the keeper of the vehicle could receive a fine, under the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994.

Changing vehicles

If you change your vehicle, you must amend your virtual permit. A change of vehicle can be applied for via the MiPermit website, mobile app or by contacting MiPermit on 0345 520 7007.

If you still have a valid paper permit issued by your local district or borough council, you will need to cross out your old vehicle registration and replace it with your new one on the permit. Once this paper permit has expired you will need to apply for a digital permit via MiPermit.

Need help with changing your vehicle on MiPermit?

MiPermit vehicle changes

Changing address

If a permit holder changes their address to another property within the zone an application must be made for a new permit. The previous permit will then be cancelled to enable the new residents to purchase a permit.

If you move away from a residents' parking zone you must notify MiPermit so that your permit can be cancelled and to enable new residents to purchase a permit. Any vehicle found to be using a permit by a previous resident will be cancelled and a Penalty Charge Notice may be issued.

Please note, no refunds, partial or full, are provided for a permit that has been cancelled.

Vehicle types

All eligible vehicle types parked in a residents’ parking zone must have a valid permit, including motorcycles and mopeds. Permits are limited to vehicles weighing under 3.5 tonnes (unladen) and less than 6 meters in length, with a maximum of 12 passenger seats. Vehicles with permits must not be drawing a trailer when parked in a residents permit bay.

Finding a space

Having a parking permit does not guarantee that you will be able to find a parking space within your residents parking zone. Similarly having a parking permit does not give you any “right” to park directly outside your property.

If you live within the district of Winchester and are currently eligible to park with your permit in an off-street car park, then you will need to contact Winchester City Council to update the vehicle registration on your permit.

Blue Badge Holders

Blue badge holders do not need to purchase a permit if a valid disabled blue badge is correctly displayed within the vehicle. Vehicles can also park in any residential parking zone, with no time restriction, if a Blue Badge is correctly displayed.


Parking permits do not have a face value. Refunds cannot be provided for parking permits.

Visitors' parking permits

Visitor permits are activated via your MiPermit account. You can activate more than one daily visitor permit at a time should you wish. Vehicle registrations can be updated on a visitor permit at any time. This means that one daily permit can be used for multiple visitors on the same day, provided their visits are not simultaneous. The vehicle registration on an annual visitors’ permit can be amended as many times as required. Any changes made are applied to the permit immediately.

How to apply

The fastest way to apply for, renew or cancel a parking permit is online.

If you don’t have access to the internet, it is available through your local library.

You can ask a family member, friend, support group or carer to assist you. They can apply on your behalf if you need them to. You can also go to your local Citizens Advice.

If you can't apply online, please telephone MiPermit on 0345 5207007. Please note that during peak times (early in the morning and lunchtimes) wait times can be extended.

Once your permit application or change of vehicle request has been received, we will aim to process the request on the same working day if the application is made before 3pm. Any applications made after this time we aim to process on the next working day.

For any other queries about residents parking, contact the Parking Services Team:

Email [email protected]

Terms and Conditions

Residents parking schemes Terms and Conditions

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