Residents’ parking schemes Terms and Conditions

Last updated October 2023


These are the terms and conditions for the operation of residents’ parking schemes in place in Basingstoke and Deane, Eastleigh, East Hampshire, Fareham, Gosport, Hart, Havant, New Forest, Rushmoor, Test Valley and Winchester.

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Residents parking schemes general information

Residents' parking schemes are aimed at tackling problems caused by commuter and shopper parking as well as helping locations close to popular visitor hot spots. Hours of operation for the schemes are displayed on signs adjacent to the relevant parking zone. Zones with yellow line restrictions are signposted on the entrances to the zone or adjacent to the restriction. Please note that the schemes are not intended to solve parking problems outside of these times.

We have two types of residents' parking schemes in operation:

Limited waiting residents parking schemes

This type of scheme is designed to protect residents from all day parking by commuters and shoppers. Limited waiting residents' parking schemes allows non permit holders to park within limited waiting parking zones for a specified period without needing to purchase a permit. The duration of the limited waiting period is displayed on signs adjacent to the relevant parking zone.

Residents only parking schemes

This type of scheme is designed to protect residents from parking by commuters, shoppers, and other visitors to the local area. Residents' only parking schemes require a valid resident/visitor permit to be purchased in order to park within residents' only parking zones.

Parking Permits - types of permits available to eligible residents

There are two different types of parking permits available for use within resident parking zones:

  • Resident's parking permit
  • Visitor permit

With one of these permits, you may park in a designated on-street residents parking bay, within the zone for which your permit is applicable, without time restriction. Please note that residents' parking permits issued by Hampshire County Council are not valid for use in any off-street car parks.

A permit does not allow you to park illegally, nor does it guarantee a space. Permit holders must park in accordance with the terms and conditions of the permit scheme as well as any waiting restrictions present. Failure to do so may result in the issuing of a Penalty Charge Notice.

Please remember that parking permits have been introduced as a benefit to residents, giving them priority to park their vehicles within a reasonable distance of their homes during the hours that residents' parking zones are in operation. Abuse or misuse of virtual parking permits or parking of vehicles contrary to the regulations of the residents parking schemes will result in the cancellation of all parking permits.

Resident/visitor parking permits - general information

The County Council operates a digital, paperless permit system via MiPermit.

Once a permit is purchased for a vehicle, the registration number of that vehicle is added to the database of active permits. Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) carry a handheld device and can check all vehicles parked in a Residents Parking Zone (RPZ) for a valid permit by typing in the vehicle registration number. If a vehicle is not in possession of a valid permit for that zone, it will be issued a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). Residents' parking permits are issued to residents living within residents parking zones for use with their own vehicle, so when you apply you will need to provide the following:;

  • Application details: mobile number/name/address/email
  • Proof of residency: council tax reference number
  • Vehicle proof: vehicle registration document/hire or lease agreement/letter from your employer/insurance certificate

Permits issued can only be used with the vehicle assigned to the permit. Permits will be valid for one year. Do not forget to renew your permits as no period of grace is allowed. A reminder is sent to the address on the account 30 days before the permit is due to expire.

The County Council may withdraw or refuse to issue a permit if it appears that any of the particulars or evidence supplied by the applicant is untrue. Because of the general lack of on-street parking space, the issuing of residents/visitors parking permits is limited to:

  • vehicles under 3.5 tonne unladen weight and/or 6 metres in length or with a maximum of 12 passenger seats
  • vehicles not drawing a trailer

Visitor permits (digital)

Visitor permits should be used by residents when a visitor to their home needs to park a vehicle within a residents' parking zone, this includes visiting tradesmen and delivery persons (eg. builders, plumbers, and electrical appliance deliveries).

Daily visitor permits are valid for the day issued and are activated via the MiPermit digital system.

Residents with an account on MiPermit can add visitors’ permits to their account in bundles. They can then be activated when needed by applying the visiting vehicle’s registration number to the permit. This can be done by logging in to the MiPermit portal online, using the MiPermit app, or by phoning MiPermit on 0345 5207007. Annual visitor permits (Basingstoke and Winchester only) can be purchased via the MiPermit digital system. Residents that have purchased the annual permit can update the vehicle registration on this permit via their online account. This does not need to be updated each day, the vehicle will remain on the permit until this has been changed

Applying for permits - residents parking permits/daily visitor permits

All resident/visitor permit requests are now undertaken by MiPermit online via this website.

You will need to register for an account on the portal before you are able to apply for any permits. Any resident without internet access can contact MiPermit by telephone via 0345 520 7007. Please note this is a national rate number and must count towards any inclusive minutes in the same way as 01 and 02 calls. 

If you have any queries about the permit application process, please contact a member of the Parking Services Team.

Other guidance

If you wish to find out more about national parking policy and rules and regulations governing parking in the United Kingdom, then please visit the following websites: 

Department for Transport

The Highway Code

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