Parking bay suspensions in Hampshire: what we offer and who can apply

In certain circumstances there may be a need to occupy an area where parking occurs. Where appropriate, you can apply to us for permission as explained below:

  • Suspensions - To suspend parking spaces/bays. For example, to allow for highway works or property removals
  • Suspensions - That are required to support a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order for a road closure

We must be satisfied there is a valid reason for the request, there are no reasonable alternatives for parking, and that it will not cause a safety or traffic problem.

If you are having works completed on your property and you need a trades person to be able to park their vehicle, then you will require a dispensation – more information on dispensations

Any application made that does not fit the criteria will be rejected.

There is a fee for these services which are listed below.

Suspensions - and how to apply for one

About Suspensions

Suspensions of parking restrictions

Examples: To accommodate loading or unloading.  For example, for a house move.

If you require one or more parking places to be kept free for access or vehicles for loading and unloading, you can apply for a suspension. We charge per day and you do not get a discount if you require the suspension only for certain hours during the day but it is useful to tell us so we can allow others to park outside those hours.

If we agree to the suspension, we put up a suspension notice giving drivers advance warning of when they can and cannot park. It stays in place until the suspension ends.

We try to suspend parking spaces as close to your requested location as we can, but in some cases, they can be up to 75 metres away.

If we are unable to put the suspension in place, we will contact you to make an alternative arrangement or cancel the suspension application.

Parking Place / Bay suspensions

  1. Parking bay suspensions, which prevent previously permitted parking in specified lengths of road, are available for businesses meeting the criteria as specified in the relevant traffic regulation order.
  2. The standard length of a parking bay is recognised for these purposes as 6m and requests will be rounded up to the closest 6m length (e.g. 15m will be rounded to 18m).
  3. Proof of works such as copy of contract specifying nature of work may be required.
  4. Each suspension expires at 23:59 on the final day requested, unless otherwise stated.
  5. Vehicles must be parked within the boundaries of the parking bay area specified in the bay suspension and be there for loading or unloading.
  6. Work requiring a bay suspension must be carried out to minimise the amount of time the suspension is required.
  7. Bay suspensions may be cancelled by Hampshire CC at its discretion.
  8. Any abuse of the bay suspension process may result in cancellation of the suspension and future applications being declined.

TTROs – Parking Suspension Guidance

As part of the TTRO application process, it must be established whether a parking suspension is required in conjunction with a road closure.

If there are marked on-street bays on the road in question, then a parking suspension must be requested via the Parking Services team: [email protected] or through Hampshire County Council’s online portal.

If there are no marked bays, but the parking of vehicles on the roadside needs to be prevented, the Temporary Road Closures Team should be contacted to arrange this: [email protected]

Sufficient notice must be given to residents (typically two weeks) to notify them of the intended closure/suspension, and leaflet drops may also be required.

Suspension fees per day

£50 admin fee and £10 per day for each car length space (up to six metres or part thereof)

For example, if you want to suspend 3 parking bays for one day (up to 18m in total) the cost will £50 admin fee plus 3 x £10 for each bay, giving a total of £80. The same three bays for two days would be £50 admin fee plus two lots of 3x £10 giving a total of £110.

If you wish to suspend an on-street Pay-and-Display bay, please contact parking services directly via email: [email protected]

Apply for a Suspension online

You must apply at least five working days before the suspension is required, otherwise your application will be rejected.

Hampshire County Council collects information about you to provide you with parking bay suspensions. Read our privacy notice.

Parking Suspension Terms and Conditions

Apply for a suspension permit