Rights and responsibilities

Using your Blue Badge correctly

Rights and Responsibilities and Reporting Blue Badge Enforcement

COVID19 CONCESSION - a person may continue to use their expired badge until 30 September 2020.

A person may not use an expired badge if:

  • they haven’t re-applied for a Badge to replace the expired badge
  • they have received a new valid badge
  • they have re-applied but have been notified that their application has been unsuccessful

The following always applies in normal circumstances.

It is a criminal offence if you: 

  • use an expired badge
  • allow someone else to use the badge, for themselves, when you are not a passenger
  • alter the badge in any way
  • make a counterfeit of the badge

Get to know your rights and responsibilities as a Blue Badge holder


We carry out on-street operations in various towns/cities. Authorized officers have authority to act on behalf of Hampshire County Council.

If people are misusing a badge, the officer has the legal authority to retain it after inspection.