Bikeability training

Hampshire County Council's Road Safety Team are excited to work with passionate schools to help children enjoy all the benefits connected to cycling.

Completely free to the school and the students, children have the opportunity to develop new skills, improve confidence and gain a sense of pride and achievement. Bikeability level 2 lays the foundation for safe cycle practice, while level 3, which is available to all secondary schools across the county, gives children the opportunity to tackle a variety of road situations under the guidance of nationally qualified instructors.

Did you know?

Approximately 100 million bicycles are manufactured worldwide each year!

Following the success of Team GB at London 2012, cycling is at a national high for popularity and participation. We would like to thank the schools who have already booked their Bikeability course. It is your valued support that ensures the success of this fantastic cycle scheme.

The Hampshire Schools Cycle Partnership work hard to ensure every school in the county has an opportunity to receive this fantastic opportunity, so please make sure your school does not miss out!

Did you know?

Bike helmets should be worn on both long and short journeys? Many cycle crashes happen near the home or at school.

Bikeability Level 2 begins on the playground, where children are given the knowledge to carry out a simple bike check. Not only does this ensure the bike is safe for the journey, but it allows the children to identify a fault on the bike. This encourages children to understand the importance of good bike maintenance, which could potentially save future repair costs. Level 2 Bikeability provides children with valuable cycle experience, as children are educated to make decisions on the road that will keep them safe and away from harm.

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