Voluntary car schemes

Information, advice and support for Hampshire’s voluntary car schemes

Volunteer drivers help thousands of people each year to make a variety of journeys. They help people access health facilities, go shopping and attend social clubs or other activities. They drive for organisations such as Voluntary Care Groups or Car Schemes who co-ordinate activities locally.

We offer a range of resources and advice to support these organisations.

Volunteer driver recruitment

The Volunteer Driver Recruitment Campaign, launched in 2012, aims to recruit more volunteer drivers (both car and minibus drivers) for community transport schemes in Hampshire. Volunteers can give as little or as much time as they wish.

Hampshire County Council works with voluntary organisations to find volunteer drivers who will:

  • drive their own cars to transport people (and receive a mileage rate)
  • drive minibuses for community transport schemes

Recruitment packs, including promotional films, leaflets, posters and templates, are available to help local groups recruit more volunteer drivers.

For more information about:

  • the recruitment packs
    contact the Community Transport Team
    Phone 01962 846785
    Email [email protected]
  • becoming a volunteer driver
    contact the Hampshire Volunteer Centre Network
Good practice guidelines

The ‘Good Practice Guidelines for Voluntary Car Schemes’ advise groups on good operating practices and how to operate within the legal framework. It was produced in partnership with the Good Neighbours Network.

Hospital parking guides

Hospital parking guides provide information about parking arrangements for hospital sites in Hampshire, including where the Hampshire Hospital Parking Permit can be used.