Boorley Green Traffic Calming

Last update: October 2023

Scheme overview

Hampshire County Council commissioned a feasibility study to look at options for local traffic management measures with the current development of 1,400 dwellings and reducing its impact on the existing residents in Boorley Green and the surrounding villages.

As of December 2019, the occupation levels of the Boorley Green development do not trigger the point for a reassessment of the need for Traffic Management measures in the village. The situation will be reassessed at the 700th occupation or at such a point where the traffic flows indicate a convincing need. We are continuing to monitor the traffic flows at mid points on Maddoxford Lane, Oatlands Road, Crows Nest Lane and Wangfield Lane annually as the development becomes occupied.  

An engagement event and online survey is planned for Autumn 2023. More details will be posted here soon.


Feedback Survey - Closed

The results of the feedback survey are presented in the Boorley Green Traffic management proposals report.

Plans to the proposal:

Boorley Green Consultation Presentation 2017

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