Farnborough Transport Improvements

Improving the A3011 Lynchford Road, the A325 Farnborough Road, Farnborough Town Centre and the Blackwater Valley Gold Grid

Last update: March 2022

Latest Update

Traffic Management Update

Effective from Tuesday 8th February the following traffic management will be in place to allow the works within the highway to be undertaken during off-peak hours 9.30am to 4pm Monday to Friday;

  • Tuesday 8th February - Old Lynchford Road 2-way traffic lights;
  • Wednesday 9th February – Alexandra Road 2-way traffic lights;
  • Thursday 10th February – St Albans Roundabout narrow lanes on approach;
  • Friday 11th February to Monday 14th February - Old Lynchford Road and A3011 Lynchford Road 2-way traffic lights and temporary pedestrian crossing east of Artillery Road;
  • Tuesday 15th February to Friday 18th February - A3011 Lynchford Road, 2-way traffic lights;
  • Monday 21st February, A3011 Lynchford road westbound road closure between junction with the Park Roundabout and Morris Road. Diversion in place via A311 southbound – A323 westbound to Wellington Roundabout – A325 Farnborough Road northbound to Queens Roundabout - A3011 Lynchford Road eastbound. Note pedestrian crossing east of Artillery Road will be temporarily closed;
  • Monday 28 February to Tuesday 1 March - B3403 Alexandra Road: northbound road closure from St Albans roundabout to junction with Netley Street;
  • Wednesday 2 to Thursday 3 March - B3403 Alexandra Road: southbound road closure from St Albans roundabout to junction with Netley Street;
  • Monday 7 March to Friday 11 March - Lynchford Road (Camp Road to Peabody Road car-park) full road closure.

Signed diversion routes will be in place during all road closure periods and residential, business and pedestrian access to these areas will continue to be available.

Hampshire County Council has appointed Colas Limited as the contractor for the advanced works in preparation for the construction of the main North Camp Accessibility Improvements Package later in 2022. The advanced works will commence on Monday 7 February 2022 with completion by the end of March 2022.

The advance works will include:

  • The construction of a temporary site compound for the North Camp Accessibility Improvements adjacent to Queens Avenue / Redvers Buller Road roundabout;
  • Tree removal and vegetation clearance on the southern side of A3011 Lynchford Road, on B3403 Alexandra Road and Lynchford Road;
  • Ground investigations and trial holes to locate underground services on the A3011 Lynchford Road, B3403 Alexandra Road and Lynchford Road;
  • Road pavement and footway sample cores to determine existing road pavement composition.

Public realm enhancements are also planned, including planting of trees as mitigation for those removed during construction of the main works.

Working hours for the construction of the temporary site compound will be 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. To facilitate some of the works, traffic management will be required to provide safe working space for the workforce.

Please view the North Camp Accessibility schemes technical plans.


North Camp Low Traffic Neighbourhood 

The aim of the scheme is to construct a build out on Camp Road, Farnborough to slow traffic speeds through the area. It is the aim of the scheme to also provide outdoor seating facilities available to the public whilst visiting the area.  Please view the plan.

Hampshire County Council will be working alongside Rushmoor Borough Council to deliver the scheme and have appointed the contractor PA Gibbs to carry out the works. Construction is due to start April 4 2022 and complete April 29 2022.

Scheme overview

Hampshire County Council has developed a number of transport schemes to improve congestion, and accommodate increasing travel demands in Farnborough and the wider Blackwater Valley. The Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership has identified Farnborough as one of its 'growth towns' and has allocated £6.472 million of Local Growth Fund to the County Council, for transport improvements on A3011 Lynchford Road, while bus priority improvements in the area have been allocated £1.2 million. This will be added to the £2 million of developer contributions, and Department for Transport funding from its Active Travel Fund, giving a total package of £12.836 million for highways improvements to tackle congestion, improve bus journey time reliability and provide better facilities for people walking and cycling in the area.

Following public feedback from a survey conducted earlier in early 2021, the Executive Lead Member for Economy, Transport and Environment gave approval for the implementation of the Farnborough Growth Package including the A3011 Lynchford Road (Phase 1) improvements, the Blackwater Valley Gold Grid and the Old Lynchford Road Active Travel Fund Tranche 2 walking and cycling scheme. The Decision Report can be viewed here: Executive Member Decision Day 18 November 2021, further information on the scheme elements and public consultations can be viewed in Section 6.

A3011 Lynchford Road Improvement Scheme (Phase 1)

The A3011 Lynchford Road is an important strategic and regional link connecting the A331 with the A325, and with key services and businesses in Farnborough town centre including Farnborough Airport and the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre.
Lynchford Road has been identified as a traffic capacity hotspot, through both the work supporting the Farnborough Growth Package and the transport appraisal work in support of Rushmoor Borough Council’s Local Plan Review.
The Lynchford Road improvement scheme aims to make daily travel easier, support business growth, reduced journey times, improved air quality and will create an enhanced streetscape with new segregated paths for cyclists and pedestrians and parking for cars and motorcycles. Improved traffic capacity will be achieved by upgrading of the carriageway including widening on the approach to Park Road roundabout.

The £10.88 million scheme is being funded by:

  • £6.472 million - EM3 Local Enterprise Partnership
  • £4.408 million – Hampshire County Council

Active Travel Fund - Old Lynchford Road

Hampshire County Council has secured funding from a bid to the Department for Transport’s Active Travel Fund, to be used to provide a range of measures to create better spaces for walking and cycling in local communities across the County. In the North Camp area of Farnborough, there is the opportunity to complete a strategic cycle link adjacent to the Lynchford Road corridor, which will connect North Camp Station in the east with Farnborough Business Park / Airport to the west and the main shopping area in North Camp (that being Camp Road). This is a key link connecting the local community and retail centres as well as providing a safer route to the secondary school and nearby train station.

The scheme will deliver a segregated cycle route along the northern side of Lynchford Road, from St. Albans Roundabout to the Peabody Road Car Park access, adjacent to the existing footway, through existing areas of on-street parking. At each end, the scheme will link directly into the cycle routes that will be provided along the A3011 Lynchford Road and across Alexandra Road at St. Albans Roundabout. Various improvements to pedestrian facilities throughout the scheme are also planned.

To redistribute road space to provide additional width for cycle facilities and also to reduce the dominance of vehicle traffic in this section of road, the scheme will close the entry into Old Lynchford Road from St. Albans roundabout and change Old Lynchford Road to one-way traffic flow in a westbound direction. To minimise the impact on traffic and journey times, a new left-turn-in junction from the A3011 into the eastern end of Old Lynchford Road will be created. Public realm enhancements will be delivered at either end of the scheme with provision of areas of open space in the form of grass verges in locations which previously were carriageway areas.

Blackwater Valley Gold Grid

The Blackwater Valley Gold Grid is a project to deliver improved infrastructure to support public transport within the Blackwater Valley and in particular, Stagecoach’s high frequency Gold Route One, which links Aldershot, Farnborough and Camberley via a 24-hour bus service.

The Gold Grid project has three main components;

  • Component 1: New bus lane along the Alexandra Road southbound approach to St. Albans Roundabout, through areas of existing on-street parking, to reduce congestion related delay for bus services. The scheme will include carriageway resurfacing and footway improvement works, along with improvements to pedestrian facilities in the area;
  • Component 2: Implementation of improved traffic signal-based bus priority technology through various junctions on the Blackwater Valley Gold Grid, to minimise delay to bus services;
  • Component 3: Provision of Real Time Passenger Information at bus stops along Gold Route One to enhance the passenger service. Real-time information displays will be installed at various bus stops on the route, to show live bus departure information and service updates, so bus users are kept informed and assured about their bus service.
Scheme Background

November 2021: Hampshire County Council’s Executive Lead Member for Economy, Transport and Environment approved the implementation of the Farnborough Growth Package including the A3011 Lynchford Road (Phase 1) improvements, the Blackwater Valley Gold Grid and the Old Lynchford Road Active Travel Fund Tranche 2 walking and cycling scheme.  Read the Decision Report.

  • July 2021: Active Travel Fund, North Camp, Feedback Key Findings Report for improvements to the old Lynchford Road. Read the report.
  • March 2021: North Camp Accessibility Package, Consultation key findings report on the major scheme improvement for Lynchford Road and Alexandra Road bus priority. Read the report.
  • February 2021: The North Camp Accessibility consultation was held between 1 February to 5 March 2021. View the consultation.
  • January 2019: Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Environment and Transport approved further design, development and business case work. Read the Decision Report.
  • December 2018: Farnborough Growth Package – Lynchford Road Improvements Consultation Findings Report. This report summarises key findings from the public consultation held on 1 October to 12 November 2018.  Read the report.
  • November 2018: The Farnborough Growth Package consultation was held between 1 October to 12 November 2018. View the consultation.
  • March 2018. Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Environment and Transport noted outcomes of the consultation and approved further design. Read the Decision Report.
  • February 2018: Farnborough Growth Package, Public Consultation Report. Read the report.
  • January 2018: Farnborough Growth Package Improvements consultation held between 28 November 2017 to 15 January 2018. View the consultation.
  • November 2017: Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Environment and Transport approved public engagement and consultation on the outline scheme proposals for Farnborough Growth Package and Blackwater Valley Gold Grid. Read the Decision Report.
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