Farnborough Transport Improvements

Improving the A3011 Lynchford Road, the A325 Farnborough Road, Farnborough Town Centre and the Blackwater Valley Gold Grid

Last update: September 2023

North Camp Communication Update

Please read the latest newsletter Issue No.6 which includes progress photos.

The works on Lynchford Road form part of a package of measures being delivered by Hampshire County Council in North Camp aimed at tackling congestion, improving bus journey time reliability and providing better facilities for people walking and cycling in the area.  Please read the A3011 Lynchford Road Scheme Overview.

To enable construction during the first phase of the works, the A3011 Lynchford Road westbound will remain closed for the duration of the works which are planned to be complete by the end of February 2024.

Please use the official diversion route for the A3011 Lynchford Road westbound closure, which can be viewed in this plan.

Please adhere to the speed limit.

Businesses are open as usual along the A3011 Lynchford Road.

Please view the video of some of the shops that you can visit in North Camp. For more information on parking and businesses, please view the map.

Please view the current technical drawings for the cycle way and footpath along the A3011 Lynchford Road and B3403 Alexandra Road Bus Priority. 

Thursday 7 September 2023

A3011 Lynchford Road Parking Bay Arrangements

The current available on-street parking will be relocated east of the original parking bays along A3011 Lynchford Road just before Morris Road. This is to allow safe and sufficient working space for our contractors to progress with the continued drainage installation works. As per the previous parking arrangements, a minimum of 10 parking bays in this section will be available for the duration of the works which is expected to be completed in November 2023. We will provide the new parking bays prior to closing the current bays to minimise disruption.

Please see the plan for the revised parking arrangements on Lynchford Road.

Friday 28 July

With works underway on the scheme, a review of programme of the remaining works has been carried out. The revised programme can be found in the latest Phasing Update presentation. Due to the nature of construction works, the programme will continue to be reviewed regularly and any changes will be published on this webpage. We appreciate your patience whilst the works are being undertaken.

Previous Newsletters;

Please see the summary of key points and commitments from the North Camp business engagement event held on Thursday 27 July 2023.

Previous summaries:

Traffic Management Update

Gordon Road Temporary Access Arrangements

Hampshire County Council have made Gordon Road two way temporarily from Monday 3 July until the completion of the Lynchford Road scheme. It will be necessary to extend the existing daytime ‘no waiting’ restriction on the southern side of Gordon Road to include evenings and overnight.

The new cycle and pedestrian crossing facilities have been completed along Lynchford Road. As part of these works, new kerbs, drainage, road surfacing, and tactile paving have been implemented. 

There will be a requirement for the temporary closure of the junction of Peabody Road with A3011 Lynchford Road. Dates for this will be advised closer to the time.

A3011 Lynchford Road Vegetation Clearance

Vegetation clearance has been completed and replanting will take place in autumn on the Old Lynchford Road side of the fence.

Queens Road Traffic Calming Measures - Update

Following concerns received regarding high traffic volumes and large numbers of HGV’s using Queens Road in North Camp, we have implemented the following measures; 

  1. Advisory signage at Park Road roundabout indicating that it is not an appropriate through route for HGV traffic;
  2. The white lining and road markings at the junction of Park Road/Sycamore Road/Reading Road are to be repainted and made clearer along with the white lining and markings on the zebra crossings including the road humps outside South Farnborough Infant School on Queens Road. A date for these works will be advised here.

Public safety remains our absolute priority and we will continue to monitor the traffic levels on Park Road and Queens Road and will review the situation and need for any further measures following the start of the new school term in September.

Traffic Management Update - Old Lynchford Road & Alexandra Road

Traffic management arrangements on Old Lynchford Road

From Monday 11 September to Friday 15 September, a road closure will be in place along (Old) Lynchford Road from the junction of Camp Road to St Alban’s roundabout. The road closure will be in place from 7:30pm each day, with the road reopening by 6am the following morning. The area at the eastern end of (Old) Lynchford Road, where the new entrance and exit from A3011 Lynchford Road has been created and resurfacing already completed, will remain open for vehicle access and some limited on-street parking.

The works will include completion of highway drainage improvements in the area around the Camp Road junction, followed by the resurfacing of the remainder of (Old) Lynchford Road between Camp Road and St. Alban’s Roundabout.

Two additional disabled parking bays have been implemented outside North Camp Pharmacy on Camp Road and some minor works in the coming weeks to install a new dropped kerb.

The changes to parking provision are being made on a trial basis under an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO), as the implications for disabled parking bay users and local businesses are unknown. During the first six months of the trial, there will be an opportunity for people to contribute their views. All comments received will be considered carefully and will help to determine whether the restrictions should continue in force indefinitely, whether to modify the arrangements, or whether to revert back to the original arrangement. Please see the Public Notice for further details.

Works on Alexandra Road

Works are almost complete along Alexander Road, there will be minor remedial works till early autumn 2023.
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