Gosport Town Centre Walking and Cycling Improvements

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Last update: December 2023

Scheme overview

Following the development of the draft Gosport Borough LCWIP that was developed following in put from the public and stakeholders a number of key routes were identified across the borough as being important to support and encourage more walking and cycling (known as 'active travel'). One of these routes was South Street and Mumby Road in Gosport Town Centre, which link the wider borough to the town centre and to the ferry for onward journeys to Portsmouth.

The existing cycle facilities along South Street and Mumby Road vary considerably in condition and quality and include a mix of on-road advisory cycle lanes and shared use paths. The route is very fragmented with cycle facilities provided on one side of the road in some sections and a mix of provision on both sides in other sections and there are areas of on-street parking and street furniture that further decrease the user experience.

Hampshire County Council has successfully secured a grant from Central Government's Department for Transport Capability Fund 2021/22 to fund a scheme along this route which will encourage cycling and walking and enhance the user's experience. The aim is to create an LTN1/20 (updated current cycle and walking infrastructure design guidance) compliant cycle route along South Street and Mumby Road.

The development of the scheme will also consider linkages to the Portsmouth TCF Gosport Interchange Improvements scheme, delivering bus station improvements in Gosport Town centre and links to the ferry terminal.

Feedback Survey Results

The report summarises key findings from the feedback survey which took place from 9 January 2023 to 26 February 2023. This was an opportunity for local residents and businesses to provide their views on the proposed improvement scheme. The information pack is still available to view.

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