Chargeable waste

Charges at household waste recycling centres

Charges for soil, rubble, plasterboard and asbestos

Charges for soil, rubble, plasterboard and asbestos have been in place since 1 October 2016 as follows:

  • soil and rubble: £2.50 per part or whole standard rubble bag, and £2.50 per individual item (for example, sanitary units such as wash basin, pedestal, toilet bowl, and cistern)
  • plasterboard: £6 per standard rubble bag or part bag, or £10 per sheet or part sheet, maximum size 3000 x 1200mm
  • cement-bonded asbestos: £12 per sheet or part sheet, maximum size 1200 x 600mm

Standard rubble bags are up to a maximum size of 535 x 820mm (when laid flat), filled so that the waste is contained and can be safely lifted.

Cash and card payment options are available at all HWRCs.

Soil and rubble is accepted at all HWRCs except New Alresford. Plasterboard is accepted at every HWRC.

Soil and rubble includes construction and demolition materials such as stone, rubble, clay, concrete, bricks, blocks, sand, tiles, paving slabs, and ceramic bathroom suites. There will be no charge for crockery or clay/terracotta flower pots.

Cement-bonded asbestos will continue to be accepted at Andover, Basingstoke, Efford, Netley and Portsmouth HWRCs. Other types of asbestos are not accepted.

Visitors wishing to dispose of mixed chargeable waste (e.g. tiles with plasterboard attached) must separate them prior to visiting the HWRC so they can be disposed of separately. The removal of tiles from plasterboard may be made easier if soaked in water.

Chargeable Waste leaflet

The decision to introduce these charges was made on 4 November 2014

Why the County Council charges for these materials

Household waste is legally defined as waste arising from a domestic property, that is to say a building used wholly for the purposes of living accommodation. Paragraph 3 of Schedule 1 of the Controlled Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2012 specifies that waste from "construction, improvement, repair, alteration or demolition works, including preparatory works" is to be treated as industrial waste. Industrial waste is not household waste and the County Council is not required to accept this material for disposal. In recognition of the fact that residents do create this type of waste, the County Council has decided to continue to offer a service, but to levy a charge to cover the cost of handling and disposal as is permitted under the legislation.

Trade waste service at most HWRCs

A trade waste service for small businesses has been in place since 1 October 2016.

The majority of HWRC sites now offer the service, with the exception of Efford.

Find out more about the trade waste service materials and charges