Advertise at Household Waste Recycling Centres

From £65 per month + VAT

Do you want to attract customers who are moving home, renovating their property, overhauling the garden?
What better location to promote your business and service.

Do you provide goods or services to road-users?
This unique advertising opportunity is a memorable way to tell car owners who you are and what you can do for them.

Do you want to tell Hampshire householders about places to visit?
Hampshire’s HWRCs offer low-cost outdoor advertising.

Advertising space

Some of our largest and busiest Household Waste Recycling Centres offer advertising space for local businesses. Each site sees between 5,000 and 17,000 visits per month and collectively they have over 1 million visitors per year. Large advertisement boards are displayed in full view of customers in stacking lanes, parking bays, and at site exits.

Advertising space is sold on a monthly basis (minimum of three calendar months) with discounts available for new, long term, and multi-site advertisements. The boards are 1600mm x 1200mm (landscape) and can be produced in a 5mm Foamex board laminated with a UV resistant film to protect the board from weathering and ink fading.

Prior to advertising at any Household Waste Recycling Centre we will review your business with Trading Standards to ensure all advertisements meet the Hampshire County Council advertising policy. Additionally, artwork for use on advertising boards will be assessed by our team to ensure it is suitable for public display at HWRC sites.

Locations and visitor numbers

The eight HWRCs selected for the Advertising Scheme represent our busiest and most modern sites. These well-run and clean recycling centres provide Hampshire’s householders the amenities to recycle and dispose of their bulky household and garden waste. With over 1 million visitors each year your advertising board will be seen by thousands of pairs of eyes a month.

Site Location Average visits per day* Average visits per month*
Alton 218 6,577
Andover 327 9,866
Basingstoke 431 13,011
Eastleigh 301 9,067
Gosport 420 12,665
Havant 341 10,280
Segensworth 420 12,659
Waterlooville 371 11,197

*Visitor counts cover April 2022 to March 2023

Board specification

Boards must comply with the below specification if being supplied by your business.

  • Size: 1600x1200mm (landscape)
  • Material: 5mm Foamex board and laminated with a UV resistant film to protect the board from weathering and the ink fading
  • Fixings: at least four holes (one in each corner) must be pre-drilled by the board manufacturer so we can attach it to our fence
  • Artwork: must be suitable for public display at a Hampshire County Council site
Charges and available discounts
Basic rate Advertising board production Board Design and Artwork service
From £200
Price on application
Per month (minimum of 3 months) Per advertising board On-off charge for the design of advertising board artwork

Discounts are applied to the basic rate only and not to the cost of board production.

Only one discount may be applied at a time.

  • 10% New advertiser discount. Available to New Advertisers for their first booking
  • 10% 12 month discount. Available when booking a full 12 month period
  • 10% Multi-site discount. Available when advertising concurrently at 2 or more sites

You are welcome to supply an advertising board providing it meets our specification. We can also produce/design an advertising board on your behalf for an additional charge. Board installation and removal is included as part of your advertising agreement with us.

Policy documents
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