Hampshire County Council brand permissions

Our logo is the most prominent visual representation of our brand and we want it to be used in the right way

Use of our brand

To use Hampshire County Council’s logo on your website, in a publication, or in any other medium, you will need permission from us first.

If permission is granted, we will provide you with the correct version of the logo along with guidance on how to display it.

We do not permit organisations to use our logo to endorse their products or services nor do we allow the logo to be altered or recreated.

Organisations receiving a grant

Hampshire County Council provides financial and other support to a wide range of organisations. As a condition of the grant or other support, the organisation must acknowledge the County Council’s support on its publicity material. This means that their website, posters, leaflets, signage, tickets and other publications must carry our ‘supported by Hampshire County Council’ logo.


In a partnership, two or more organisations each provide a share of the finances and resource for a project, and any publicity materials should show who has contributed. In circumstances where Hampshire County Council pays another organisation to deliver services, please see the guidance for contractors.

The County Council is involved in many partnerships, and where these are promoted, the prominence of our logo must reflect the nature of our role in the partnership.

In some exceptional cases, the partnership may have its own logo. This must be applied alongside the partners’ logos.


Contractors supplying public facing services for six months or more

If the service you provide to us is public-facing, and your contract is for six months or more, our ‘working with Hampshire County Council’ logo should appear on all publicity materials that relate to the work you are doing for us. The Marketing Team will need to approve your proposed publicity materials.

Contractors who supply goods, or non-public-facing services, or for less than six months

If you are not providing a public-facing service, or your contract is for less than six months, you will not be permitted to display our logo on your publicity materials.

Buy With Confidence scheme

Local businesses looking to demonstrate they are committed to operating in a legal, honest and fair way, and providing excellent customer service, can consider joining the Buy With Confidence scheme, which is run by Trading Standards. Members of the scheme can display the Buy with Confidence logo, and will appear on the Buy With Confidence website’s list of members of the scheme. Find out more about the Buy With Confidence scheme.


Local authority maintained schools (community and foundation status) are encouraged to apply our logo to school signs, stationery and other publicity materials to clearly show the relationship between the County Council and the school. Schools with their own logo can give prominence to their logo.

School stationery is available from Hampshire Printing Services.

Coat of arms

Our coat of arms was granted to Hampshire County Council in 1992 to mark the centenary of the County Council in 1989. The coat of arms includes a gold royal crown on a red field, over a red Tudor rose on a gold field. It is used only for formal and ceremonial purposes, such as long service awards, the Leader’s and Chairman’s stationery and commemorative items. It is also used on county border road signs.


Hampshire County Council has two flags:

  • the red and yellow flag is based on our coat of arms and flown on formal occasions
  • the blue flag is based on our logo and is flown daily.

For permission to use our logo as well as further guidance on producing signage, stationery and other publicity materials, please contact the Marketing Team.