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Most services and collections on Hantsweb have their own contact form. The links to these forms will be found in the main menu for the collection, or in the footer of the page. Using these contact forms are usually the best way to get your question answered.

If you're not sure who to ask, you can make an enquiry by using our general enquiries form.


If emailing us is not an option, you can call us on 0300 555 1375.

Some services have their own number.

Adult Social Care

Social care, residential and nursing care homes and protecting people from abuse:

Phone 0300 555 1386

Out of hours phone 0300 555 1373

Occupational Therapy Direct

Phone 0300 555 1378

Children's Services

Education, young people, childcare:

Phone 0300 555 1384

Out of hours phone 0300 555 1373

School Admissions

Phone 0300 555 1377

Young People's Services

Phone 0300 555 1383

Blue Badge

Disabled parking permits:

Phone 0300 555 1376

Concessionary travel

Bus passes:

Phone 0300 555 1376

Roads and transport

Phone 0300 555 1388


Rights of way/footpaths:

Phone 0300 555 1391

Recycling and waste

0300 555 1389


Births, death, citizenship, marriages and civil partnerships:

Phone 0300 555 1392


Phone 0300 555 1389:


Book renewals/reservations:

Phone 0300 555 1387

Trading Standards

Consumers - Citizens Advice consumer helpline:

Phone 0345 404 0506


Phone 01962 833 620


Phone 0300 555 0223


If you can't find what you need online and a telephone call hasn't helped, you can write to us at:

The Castle
SO23 8UJ

Visit us

We have four main office centres.

In Farnborough the County Council shares a civic office with Rushmoor Borough Council.

The Castle
SO23 8UJ

Chineham Court
Lutyens Close

RG24 8AG

Farnborough Rd
GU14 7JU

1 High Street

SO40 9HL