Services provided by the Southern Internal Audit Partnership

An efficient and effective range of services supporting a period of dynamic transition within the public sector

Risk based audit

Risks and controls associated with the achievement of defined business objectives are identified and both the design and operation of the controls in place to mitigate key risks are assessed and tested, to ascertain the residual risk to the achievement of management's objectives.


We have our own IT auditors who are experienced in covering all aspects of established and emerging technologies. Our IT auditors work closely with generalist auditors during the audit of computerised administrative systems to ensure that all controls, both computerised and clerical, may be relied upon.


We have a team of trained fraud specialists (CIPFA Certificate in Investigatory Practices) who carry out a range of proactive fraud work and reactive investigatory work as required by our customers.

Procurement and contract management

We have staff experienced and qualified in procurement and contract audit who carry out more complicated reviews of major capital projects and revenue contracts.

Value for money

The critical examination of an organisations activities to assess economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

Compliance audit

Covering the operation of controls in place to fulfil statutory, good practice or policy compliance obligations.

Developing systems audit

Plans and designs of systems under development are assessed to identify the potential weaknesses in internal control and risk management; and programme / project management controls are assessed to ascertain whether the system is likely to be delivered efficiently, effectively and economically.

Analytical audit

The undertaking of particular work where the analytical skills of the Southern Internal Audit Partnership are used in the audit of any individual aspect of an organisations activities.

Consultancy and advisory services

Advice can be provided, either through formal review and reporting or more informally through discussion or briefing, on the framework of internal control, risk management and governance.

Quality assurance review

The approach and competency of other reviewers/assurance providers are assessed in order to form an opinion on the reliance that can be placed on the findings and conclusions arising from their work.

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