Supplier Self Service guidance

View purchase orders

You can view purchase orders for the current financial year and 2 previous financial years. You can sort, search and filter depending on your needs.

Select a purchase order number to view specific information on that purchase order.

The price column will show the sub total value of the line depending on number of items ordered. A final order total is displayed at the bottom of the column.

The amount outstanding column shows what is remaining against each line of the order. The total amount outstanding for the order is shown at the bottom of the column.

The status column will show if the purchase order has any further possible transactions to come against it. Some lines may show a zero balance outstanding but are open. This is not an error, no further money is available but the line was not closed.

If a purchase order has zero outstanding against it but you still have outstanding invoices and they are not shown as processed for payment, you will need to contact your buyer to raise a new purchase order for you to invoice against. You will then need to resubmit the invoice quoting the new purchase order number.

For more information on purchase orders see How to supply goods and services.

You can change the email address purchase orders are sent to via the View or change supplier details tile.

View invoices and payments

On the Invoices and payments screen you can see:

  • the date the invoice was received by us
  • the purchase order number relating to the invoice
  • the invoice status which allows you to check the progress of your submitted invoices. Once paid the remittance advice number will allow you to cross check your bank and remittance advice slip

Invoices processed are listed in date order by organisation as standard. You can filter by customer, invoice status and reference.

A status key is available to provide further information on the status column:

  • paid
  • awaiting payment
  • awaiting approval goods receipt not done
  • awaiting approval
  • rejected
  • received

If the invoice is marked as Awaiting approval or Awaiting approval GRND check the status 24 hours later to see if the goods receipting has been done. If the status has not changed contact the buyer.

If a value is a minus, it is a credit balance. It is offset against payments due to you. Therefore a payment made to you may be less than expected. Check the remittance advice for a full breakdown. To receive your remittance advice, please provide the email address to which remittances should be sent to via the View or change supplier details tile.

See Getting paid on time for more information on invoices and payments.

Upload invoices

Only invoices for the HCC Processing Centre can be uploaded. The invoice address can be found on the purchase order. If the address is not the HCC Processing Centre, you need to send your invoice to the addressee stated on the purchase order.

Invoices must be in PDF format, with one invoice per document. You can upload multiple invoices at the same time but they must not exceed a total of 20MB per upload.

Only use the comments box to support the upload of your invoices. Don’t use this box for queries, raise queries through the enquiry form instead.

View or change supplier details

Changing your business or bank details

To change your business details you will need the secure access phone with you. This confirms you are entitled to make the changes to your supplier account.

A change of legal entity can’t be made via the supplier account. This includes change of name, Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) status or company status. Raise an enquiry as we will need to close down your supplier account and recreate it.

It is important that you check the information held is accurate. If any of your details have been changed in error check the Recent activities screen to see who made the change. You can then change the details again by returning to the View or change supplier details screen.

Changing your secure mobile numbers

To change your secure access mobile number you will need access to both the old and new phones.

To change the secure control mobile number you need to raise an online enquiry.

Alternative or permitted payees

If you have an alternative payee or permitted payee you will not be able to amend the bank account details. Details can only be amended by the alternative payee or permitted payee.

Your supplier account is blocked

If Hampshire County Council or its associated partners have not purchased from you for over 18 months, or you have not added bank details to your Supplier Self-Service account, a blocked account message will display. You will need to contact your buyer for further information.

You can also block your supplier account if you suspect fraudulent activity.

Recent activities

The Recent activities screen allows you to:

  • view all interactions in the supplier account
  • view the full transaction history
  • detect errors and see who made the change
  • check if a member of staff is delinked or deleted

The Recent activities screen will display any action taken in the past 12 months and can be filtered and sorted. You can search for tickets marked as open to track the progress of current enquiries.

A ticket will show as closed if it is a one off event and an action has taken place. For example when an invoice has been uploaded.

Removing and deleting

On the Account settings screen you can delete your profile.

Removing your supplier account removes your access to view any details on the account.

You can check the Recent activities screen to see if a contact has been removed or if an account has been deleted. Raise an enquiry to delete another profile off the supplier account.

Secure mobile phones

To create and manage your Supplier Self Service account we will need to send you two types of messages via phone.

  • Secure access mobile number - The one-time passcode for security authentication will be sent to your Secure access mobile number
  • Secure control mobile number - The account activity updates will be sent to your Secure control mobile number
Providing secure details

It may be necessary for you to provide some secure information to enable you to access all features within the supplier account.

If you are a new supplier and need to provide correct bank details then  once you have completed the details in the link provided you will need to proceed with creating your profile.

If you are a new supplier and have not started the profile creation process then you will need to instigate this.

If you already have a profile and need to update or provide information follow the on screen prompts.