Request a new class date

Requesting a new class date for a course which is either oversubscribed or currently has no suitable dates

Note: Before June 2020 a class was referred to as a scheduled offering.

After browsing the library and finding a course you are interested in enrolling onto you can:

  • select the course title or More, to view course details
  • select Assign to Me, which puts the learning item in your learning plan, but doesn’t actually book you onto the course
  • select See Classes to review class dates available

If you want to book onto a learning item but there are no class dates available, or none of the dates of the class dates are suitable, select Request a Class. The registration page will open and you will need to scroll down to the Request a Class section at the bottom of the page.

Enter Need By Date, Preferred Region, Preferred Location and Comments (optional) as required. Then select Request. This tells your learning team that you need to take a course, but there are no suitable dates.

If the learning team acts on your request and arranges new dates, an email will be sent to you confirming that new class dates are available and that you can now enrol. If a course will not be available for the foreseeable future, you will be contacted by the learning team as well.

Please be aware that a request for a new class date is only a request, and might not be fulfilled, depending on a range of organisational considerations