Request a place on a waiting list for a class

Note: Before June 2020 a class was referred to as a scheduled offering.

After browsing the library and finding a course you are interested in enrolling onto you can

  • select the course title or More, to view course details
  • select Assign to Me, which puts the learning item in your learning plan, but doesn't actually book you onto the course
  • select See Classes to review classes available

If you want to book onto a learning item but there are no available spaces for the class, select waiting list. The registration page will open and you will be asked to enter Comments (optional). Then Confirm to update your My Learning Assignments section with waiting list status for the class.

The waiting list is automated (by default) so if a space becomes available on the course, you will automatically be registered to take that place. Therefore you must keep the date of the class free to ensure you can attend. The organisation's cancellation policy will apply if you are automatically allocated a space, then find that you can no longer attend the course. A course registration notification is sent to you and your Manager if your place on the course is confirmed.

Some classes require management approval (by exception). If manager approval is in place, then after you have entered optional Comments and selected Confirm, a message will appear indicating that the course requires approval for waiting list. Confirm to proceed.

The system will send you a pending notification of your waiting list request, and your manager an approval notification of your waiting list request which they will have to action. After your manager has reached a decision, you will receive either a waiting list approval notification or a denial notification depending on the decision taken.

If there is no waiting list available, please email the learning team who will be able to advise you on the next course or an alternative offer.