Set up substitutes or delegates for approvals

Assigning substitutes (delegate users) for approvals for employees reporting to you when you are unable to perform your duties due to a leave of absence etc.

On the My Learning page, navigate to the Links section at the bottom left hand side of the page. Select Options and Settings. The Options and Settings page will display.

Select the Add button in the Delegates area and the Add Delegate page will open.

Use the search box to find and select the Delegate user. You can also use the Advanced Search option to find and select a Delegate user based on predefined criteria.

Once a delegate has been identified, select Predefined Permissions option for the user.

Select the Save button. The Delegate is now selected and permissions are assigned.

The system will automatically send notifications of the change in permissions to you, the new Delegate and any affected Learners.

When a user is acting as a delegate for a Manager, that delegate can only access the employees through the My Teams tile on the right hand side of the My Learning page which shows an overview of the teams status against their curricula.