Upload evidence of my external learning onto the Learning Zone

Submission of proof of previous learning attended elsewhere

Send a completed Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Request Form to your Manager as an email, along with any required evidence of your learning i.e. completion certificate and necessary documentation.

If the submission is approved by your Manager, the request is then sent on to the learning team for processing.

If the submission is not approved, the request is returned to you for re-submission.

The RPL Request Form is used by Learners to request that their external learning is recorded in their Learning History.

The form will include course name, date of completion, relevant course information and proof of attendance (attached to the form as scans or PDFs).

All areas of the form (available from your organisation), will need to meet RPL criteria and be completed fully and correctly to avoid delays in being processed. Managers may send the form back to the Learner without processing if the form is not completed correctly