View my learning history

Helping track and manage learning by providing a view of completed courses and certificates

On the My Learning page, navigate to the History section at the right hand side of the page. The History tile provides you with a list of recently completed work. This will be blank if no learning events were recorded in the last 30 days.

Select a title to view the details of the completed course.

Alternatively, select the View All link to take you to your Completed Work page.

Completed Work lists courses by Completion Date, Title and Status.

Use the Show Completions drop-down to filter completed work by date. You can filter After a date, Before a date, or Between two dates.

Use Title to search and filter course work by keywords in the title.

Select Status to filter completed work by the listed status e.g. All, Course Attended, eLearning Complete etc.

To review the details for the completed course, hover over the course title. Select View Details to view the complete registration information for the course including completed course hours. Select Print Certificate to print a certificate of completion for events.

Certificates can be printed or downloaded as PDF. If you need help with this, view the Print certificate of completion help text.