Become a DofE volunteer

A step-by-step guide to becoming a DofE volunteer

Volunteers help to run DofE groups, enabling young people to achieve their full potential.

Find a DofE centre to volunteer with

You can find a list of DofE centres within Hampshire on our Award centres page:

Open Award centres

Once you have chosen a suitable Award centre, you should get in touch with the centre directly to find out if they are currently recruiting new volunteers.

If you are accepted by the centre, they will send the Hampshire Outdoors team an email to initiate the volunteer application process.

Travel costs

Travel costs are the responsibility of the individual or their DofE centre. You should discuss this with your DofE coordinator.

Respond to emails

You will be sent an email from DBS Online with login details for completing your DBS application.

If you are part of the DBS update service, you should let your DofE coordinator know prior to them emailing the Hampshire DofE team.

You will also be sent an email from the Hampshire DofE team ([email protected]) asking you to complete the volunteer registration form and the relevant e-learning.

Training courses

Required training:

Advanced training:

Send evidence

Send evidence of your completion of 'Prevent' e-learning and your completed registration form to the Hampshire DofE team: [email protected]

Wait for DBS clearance and references

Once we have received your completed registration form, we will request references.

Once you have completed your DBS application and ID verification, we will await confirmation from DBS on your clearance.

Process completion

Once we have received all relevant paperwork and confirmation of your DBS clearance, an account will be created for you on eDofE.

You will then be a Hampshire County Council DofE Award volunteer.

Contact Details

Get in touch with the Hampshire DofE Award team for further information:

  • Hampshire Outdoors, Children’s Services Department
    Second Floor EII Court South
    The Castle, Winchester
    SO23 8UG

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 01962 846193