Young People's Learning

Preparing young people for their future careers

Young People's Learning focuses on preparing young people with additional needs to make a successful transition to adult life.

We achieve this by delivering high-quality Pathways and Supported Internship programmes that build young peoples’ resilience, knowledge, and skills through a programme of classroom, outdoor learning and work-related learning with work experience opportunities.

Specialist and individual support is given to young people with SEN to enable them to progress and achieve.

We recognise the important contribution our learners can make in the workplace and the positive impact earning a living can have on individual’s self-worth/esteem.


The Pathways programme supports young people to build confidence in making personal and independent choices, as well as helping them to understand how these impact on their wellbeing, confidence, social skills, planning skills, social awareness, and motivation. Our learning strategy is ‘learning by doing.’ Skills Coaches provide on-programme support.


Photo of young people standing at a book stall

Supported Internship

Supported Internships are designed for young people who really want to move into employment.

The programme gives SEND young people who have EHCPs the experience of working and helps them to develop their employability skills so that the move into work is not as daunting. They will receive support with English, maths and Essential Digital Skills alongside an Employability Skills qualification. Placements and sessions are supported by a Skills Coach.


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Functional Skills

Functional skills are offered in both maths and English, tailored to a range of abilities. Learners progress towards a nationally recognised qualification and gain skills valued by employers. Lessons are geared towards the use of maths and English in both practical and commercial contexts, allowing learners to increase their confidence and problem-solving skills. There is also a focus on developing key digital skills.

Functional Skills

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