SEND Employability and Independence Hubs

Ambitious pathways into employment and independence for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in Hampshire

Our vision for SEND employability in Hampshire

Children and young people with SEND have the same ambitions as their peers. They want to live full and fulfilling lives, and have successful careers that directly afford them financial and social independence. With appropriate and targeted support, the great majority of young people with SEND can find work, be supported to live independently, and actively participate in their community.

Preparing young people with SEND for, and improving their access to, employment is therefore a key priority for Hampshire County Council and its partners. Our overarching objective is to develop and deliver a countywide, joined-up and high performing employability offer for young people with SEND, including those with more complex needs, which maximises progression into sustained employment. Our SEND Employability Hubs and Independence Hubs are a key part of this offer.

More information about our vision is available here: All our Talents: Pathways into Adulthood for Young People with SEND in Hampshire.

If you are an employer interested in finding out more about ‘All Our Talents’ and how young people with SEND can support your business to thrive, check:

About SEND Employability Hubs

SEND Employability Hubs bring together workplace and non-workplace learning to develop and deliver a flexible programme, focusing on the elements young people with SEND need to gain independence and skills that maximise progressions into sustained employment, transforming the life chances of young people with SEND.

We will work with SEND Employability Hubs and local partners to ensure young people with SEND are recognised as the valuable and talented workforce that they are.

Each hub provides learners with access to education, skills and personal development opportunities based on individual need and access to workplace experiences and Supported Internships to lead them to positive experiences including pathways to paid employment.

If you are a young person who:

  • lives in Hampshire
  • has an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) issued by Hampshire County Council
  • are leaving statutory education in the summer (moving into year 12)
  • are enthusiastic and ambitious about your future job

You can contact your local hub, shown below.

If you are a young person interested in joining a hub when you turn 16. discuss this at your next EHCP review or contact your SEN caseworker.

If you are unsure of your eligibility or want to discuss your EHCP, contact the SEN helpdesk on 01329 316165 or via [email protected].

SEND Employability Hub locations in Hampshire

  1. Eastleigh College
    [email protected]
  2. St Vincent College
    Sadie Garrie [email protected]
  3. HSDC (Havant, South Downs and Alton Colleges)
    Helen Robinson [email protected] 02393 879999
  4. Totton College
    Lee Morgan [email protected]
  5. Andover College
    Suzie Oostendorp [email protected]
  6. Farnborough College of Technology
    Information and enquiries 01252 405555 or [email protected]
  7. Basingstoke College of Technology
    Nikki Read [email protected] or 01256 306323
  8. Fareham College
    Jackie Bean [email protected]

If you are an employer interested in supporting young people with SEND to access employment, please contact the Employment and Skills Hub [email protected].

If you would like to know more about the SEND Employability Hub Pilot, please contact Candice Reynolds [email protected].

About SEND Independence Hubs

As part of our commitment to improving outcomes for young people with SEND, we are working with local colleges to create high-quality, accessible, and effective learning that supports learners who are entering their first year in post-16 education after leaving secondary education (16 year-olds) and who have Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) or complex needs. This provision will deliver education and training resource provisions to support young people with SEND to develop the independent living skills they need to participate and thrive within college and their community.

SEND Independence Hubs deliver a bespoke curriculum for learners reflecting the four principles of Preparing for Adulthood (employment, independent living, community engagement and health), and each provision offers a safe physical space situated within the college campus that is individual and has its own identity and facilities to meet learners’ needs.

Transition programmes and activities are available prior to starting the provision. You can contact the Independence Hub to find out more information.

If you would like to know more about the SEND Independence Hub Pilot, please contact Toni-Marie Leaf [email protected]

SEND Independence Hub locations in Hampshire

Places will be agreed between Hampshire County Council and the respective college. To discuss joining one of the new SEND Independence Hubs, speak to your SEN caseworker and/or discuss options at your next annual review. Alternatively, contact the college directly to have an initial conversation..

If you are unsure of your eligibility or want to discuss your EHCP, contact the SEN helpdesk on 01329 316165 or via [email protected]