School Escorts

School Escorts play a key role in enabling children with special educational needs to attend school. They collect children from home and bus stops and escort them safely all the way to school and home again, by taxi or minibus.

Role of a school escort

The school escort will ensure that your child is transported to and from school in a safe environment, checking that seatbelts and harnesses are secure throughout the journey.  They will ensure that your child is left in the care of an adult at both the home and school, and communicate with your child in a way that is appropriate to their needs.  School escorts are also trained to administer emergency first aid if required.

School escorts will
  • Carry any important medical information provided by the parent and ensure medical assistance is called promptly if needed
  • Endeavour to inform of any delays to the school transport by either reporting to the Transport team or calling the parent directly by prior agreement
  • Be trained throughout their employment to ensure that children receive the best care during their journeys.
School escorts are not able to
  • Knock on the door to let you know they have arrived, as this may leave other children on board unattended
  • Wait for your child for longer than 3 minutes (or any length of time at a bus stop), as this make cause delays in arriving at school
  • Administer any medication
  • Lift children or heavy bags in or out of the vehicle
  • Change nappies or soiled clothing
  • Change pick up or drop off points without prior agreement from the transport team.
We do not tolerate any physical or verbal abuse towards school escorts from Parents/Carers or children. This may result in the suspension or withdrawal of transport

We carry out regular checks and risk assessments which means that a member of the School Transport team may travel on the run to carry this out, notice of these checks will not normally be given.

If you are interested in becoming a school escort, please visit Careers with Hampshire County Council or call 01962 847169 for more information.