How the Brokerage Team will find the right care for you

When will the Brokerage Team help me?

Your care assessment may show that you need paid for care or support to help maintain your independence. If this is the case, your case worker will ask the Brokerage Team to find the right care for you. This could be care in your own home, or care in a residential or nursing home.

What happens if I need home care or support?

If you need care or support in your home, we will contact home care providers in your area. These will be providers who have a contract with us.

Providers may want to visit you to complete their own assessment to be sure that they can meet your needs. If they can deliver the care you need, as detailed in your support plan, a member of the Brokerage Team will confirm the start date with you.

This is a flexible and responsive service so it is not possible to keep to exact times each day. Usually you will be given an approximate time slot for visits.

The care delivery team comprises both male and female staff.

What happens if I need residential or nursing care?

If you need a placement in a care home, your social worker will inform you what level of care needs we believe you have. They will also signpost you to our Long Term Residential and Nursing Care website so that you can start looking at the homes we work with. You and your representative can visit the homes and let us know which ones you would prefer.

We will contact the homes that may be suitable to meet your needs taking into account your preferences. We cannot guarantee your preferred home will have a vacancy or be able to meet your needs. However, we will offer you a home which can meet your needs and has availability.

Someone from the care home may want to visit you to carry out their own assessment to be sure they can meet your needs. Once agreed, a member of the Brokerage Team will confirm your care home placement and the date you can move in.

When selecting a care home for you, we will follow our Choice of Accommodation Policy. See Paying for care in a care home for more information.

Choosing a care home can be a difficult and stressful time for individuals and their families. To ensure a smooth process for everyone concerned, once the offer of a place is made, ideally, a decision should be reached within 72 hours.

If all reasonable offers of a care home placement are declined, you or your representative will have seven days to find an alternative. You will need to tell the Brokerage Team who the provider is so that they can complete all the necessary checks. If the care home is deemed suitable, you will be expected to move in within seven days.

How long will it take?

Sometimes finding your care may take time to ensure it is right for you. The Brokerage Team will keep you and your case worker updated as your case progresses.

How much will I pay?

Social care is not free and most people will need to pay for some, or all, of their care themselves.

Your case worker will arrange for you to have a financial assessment from the Customer Financial Management Team. They will look at your finances to tell you if you qualify for some financial help to meet your care needs.

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