Important notice

Please be aware that any care home placements that commence from May 13th will be under Hampshire County Council’s Care Home Framework. If you have been advised to look at this site before this date it will be because the date a placement begins will be on or after May 13th, and therefore the information on this site is relevant and important to you/your loved one.

Residential and nursing care homes provide long term care for people and provide continuous 24-hour support. Residential homes may support some nursing care needs that could be met by a community nurse. A nursing home will provide a higher level of support for people with a greater level of need and have on site nursing support 24 hours a day.

Hampshire County Council will carry out a Care Act Assessment which will determine your care and support needs and how these can be best met. This will be your support plan. It will also determine whether you are eligible to receive help from the Council. Find out more about getting help and support from the Council.

If you are eligible for help from the Council, and your care needs would be best met through a residential or nursing home, our Brokerage Team will help to find suitable care options for you. We will give you a choice of two care homes, it is likely that one of these will be a Hampshire County Council Care Home and the other from a private provider. We will try to accommodate you and your families wishes where possible. This is known as our Choice of Accommodation policy.

Frequently asked questions

The support you receive will depend on your support plan and your care needs. We will work with you and your family to develop your support plan and discuss the things that you can do for yourself, what you can do with some help and any other needs you might have, such as medication or personal care.

More information about moving into a care home can be found on Connect to Support Hampshire.


Social care is not free, and you may need to pay for some or all of your care. You will need to have a financial assessment from the council to determine how much of your care you will need to pay for. If you have more than £23,250 in savings, it is very unlikely that you will be eligible for funding from us.

You can use our quick financial indicator tool to find out if you are likely to qualify for financial help from us.

More information about paying for care in a care home is available.

Some people with long-term complex health needs qualify for care arranged and funded solely by the NHS. This is called NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC). If you think you may be eligible for CHC, you can contact Hampshire and Isle of Wight ICB directly for an assessment.


The amount you pay for care in a residential or nursing home will depend on the level of care you need and whether you are fully or partly funding your own care. The level of care you need will be determined by your Care Act Assessment and whether you need to fully or partly fund your care will be determined by your financial assessment. Hampshire County Council work with preferred independent providers to ensure care is offered at a fair price. The price Hampshire County Council pays is set out below, however if you are self-funding your own care the cost may be higher.

The rates we pay for care homes fall into the following bands:

Type of care required Cost per week
Residential – Standard £900 to £1,000
Residential – Enhanced £1,000 to £1,100
Nursing – Standard £1,050 to £1,150
Nursing – Enhanced £1,150 to £1,250
Complex Up to £1,350

You will be offered a choice of care home that our Brokerage team will source for you. It is likely that one of these will be a Hampshire County Council care home and the other from a private provider. If you decline the Hampshire County Council care home you've been offered, the Brokerage team will work with you and your family to find you a choice of up to two independent sector care homes, that we work with.

Hampshire County Council care homes

You can read more about the care homes run by Hampshire County Council.

Preferred residential and nursing home providers

You can read more about the independent care homes we work with in Hampshire County Council.

Hampshire County Council have a large number of providers signed up to deliver long-term residential and nursing services under the Care Home Framework. You can look at the approved care homes that the Council works with. Hampshire County Council will always offer you a home that is able to meet your needs and within your personal budget.

You can choose a home that it is not on the Framework which will not have been subject to Hampshire County Council's thorough checks, or a care home that is more expensive than a home we offer. In these circumstances you can ask someone else, such as a family member to help pay towards the cost of your care. This is called a top-up payment.


Once you have had your care assessment and it has been determined that you are eligible for support from Hampshire County Council, we will refer you to our Brokerage team to source your care. Once Brokerage receive your referral, we aim that it should not take longer than seven to ten days for you to move into your new home.

If you have more than £23,250 in assessable savings and/or capital (usually including the value of your home), you will need to pay the full cost of care yourself. It is particularly important that you and your family consider what will happen if your savings were to fall below the ‘capital threshold’ of £23,250. Hampshire County Council, as your local authority, will assess your care and support needs. You will always be offered at least one care home place that will meet your eligible needs. However, the County Council will not necessarily pay for your current accommodation if this is more expensive than we would usually expect to pay to meet your assessed needs. If you wish to stay in your current accommodation and decline a reasonable offer from the County Council, you may need to ask your family or another third party to pay a ‘top-up’ fee. A top-up is where a third party pays the difference between what the County Council would reasonably expect to pay, and the rate charged by your chosen care home.

The County Council recommends that you get in touch with when you have £40,000 of funds remaining. You should call us on 0300 555 1386. This is to allow enough time for us to assess your care and supports needs and for a financial assessment to be undertaken. It also allows enough time for conversations about:

  • whether the care is at the same rate the County Council would pay
  • if not, whether someone is able to pay the difference (third party top-up)
  • if an alternative care placement needs to be sought

Hampshire County Council’s teams you’ll have contact with

Adult Social Care Teams

A member of our Adult Social Care team will be in touch with you to carry out a Care Act assessment and determine your eligibility for social care support. If it is determined that you have an eligible social care need that will best be met within a residential or nursing home, they will advise you of the level of support they believe you need. Following the assessment, the Adult Social Care Team will then refer you to our Brokerage Team who will co-ordinate the sourcing of your care.

Brokerage Team

Your care assessment may show that you need paid for care or support. If this is the case, your key worker will ask the Brokerage Team to contact the care homes that could be suitable for you. More information about the Brokerage Team is available.

Customer Financial Management Team

If you have a Care Assessment and meet the eligibility criteria for receiving care, you will be referred for a financial assessment. The Customer Financial Management Team will carry out your assessment. More information about preparing for your financial assessment is available.

Paying for Care Team

Everyone living in a care home will need to pay towards the cost of their care. Our Paying for Care team will raise invoices based on an interim amount every 4 weeks that will need to be paid. Once your financial assessment is complete, the invoices will be adjusted as required based on your personal circumstances. If you have entered a deferred payment agreement with the Council, the Paying for Care Team will send a statement every 6 months showing the deferred amount and any interest due to that date. If you have a query regarding the amount you have been invoiced, you can contact us.