Organisational leadership

Trauma Informed Care is an organisational approach. Successful implementation requires clear vision, direction, and whole-organisation commitment. Trauma Informed Care is a continuous process of implementation, development and review which requires practice leadership at all levels. As a values-based approach Trauma Informed Care must be understood, relatable and beneficial to those that we support, their families and to all stakeholders.


Leaders within organisations that agree to implement this Concordat commit to the following:

Component 1

We will have senior leadership endorsement for Trauma Informed Care which includes:

  • A vision statement.
  • A statement of intent.
  • Associated polices and processes that reflect Trauma Informed Care.

Component 2

We will ensure our staff teams are supported and resourced to deliver Trauma Informed Care; this includes:

  • Trauma Informed Care training.
  • Resources to meet principles of Trauma Informed Care.
  • Supervision and reflective practice throughout the organisation.

Component 3

We will ensure that we deliver services with high fidelity to the principles of the trauma informed care Concordat by:

  • Completing regular quality assurance processes which explicitly link in with the principles of the trauma informed care Concordat.
  • Completing regular competency assessments with staff that link in with the principles of the trauma informed care Concordat.