Traumatic events can alter the functioning of a person’s brain and central nervous system. The effects of a traumatic experience can create the feeling of not being safe which can have a significant impact on all areas of a person’s life.


To help prevent and counteract this, the patrons of this Concordat are committed to ensuring supported individuals, operational and direct care staff teams feel physically and psychologically safe by embedding these key commitments:

Commitment 1

We will raise awareness that trauma (and therefore safety) is about how things are experienced by an individual.

Commitment 2

We will commit to making sure people feel safe.

Commitment 3

We will ensure that the physical environment of people’s homes promotes a sense of safety.

Commitment 4

We will ensure that all people’s communication needs and preferences are known and met.

Commitment 5

Consistent and positive relationships are paramount to people feeling safe. We will provide predictable services with consistent and familiar personnel.

Commitment 6

We will strive to foster positive relationships between people who live together and their communities.

Commitment 7

Behaviour support plans will be evidence-based, person-centred, trauma-informed and promote building skills to enhance feelings of safety.

Commitment 8

We will check and ensure that people feel physically and psychologically safe.

Commitment 9

We will offer emotional support, especially during challenging times.

Commitment 10

We will encourage people to practice self-care and will openly value and focus on wellbeing.