Trust is an important pillar in all relationships, and the lack of it can lead to negativity, conflict, insecurity, depression and anxiety.  Traumatic experiences can make it harder for people to trust others.


To help prevent and counteract this, the patrons of this Concordat are committed to treating people with honesty and respect, with an active focus on building and maintaining trusting, transparent relationships by embedding these key components:

Component 1

We will ensure that individuals and organisations do what they say they will do. 

Component 2

We will be open and honest and will communicate about when things go wrong (including near misses), and will reflect on and learn from these with supported individuals and those involved in their care and support.

Component 3

We will communicate in ways that validates people, is unassuming, and will use non-stigmatising language.

Component 4

We will ensure that there are systems in place that connect staff teams, supported individuals and people important to them to celebrate and share news (where consent has been given).

Component 5

We will create a culture of learning, reflecting and feeding back in a non-judgemental way.

Component 6

We will support an open organisational culture which allows all people to question organisational practice.