Early Years Inclusion training

There are many training courses available to Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENCos) and any other early years practitioners with an interest in inclusion. You do not need to use a subscription place to attend the training courses below. A maximum of two members of staff per setting can be considered for a place.


All SENCos should attend the one-day induction course. You should also attend at least two additional days of training made up of any of these other relevant courses:

  • Attachment
  • Autism Education Trust training (AET)
    • Making Sense of Autism
    • Good Autism Practice
    • Extending and Enhancing Good Autism Practice
    • Leading Good Autism Practice
  • Play, Chat and Interact
  • Developing Positive Relationships with Parents
  • Promoting Positive Behaviour

Thomas Training

Book via the Learning Zone/ HTLC, dates available.

This 3-day course aims to develop practitioners' and parents' understanding of social communication/autism spectrum conditions and so improve the educational and early year’s experience of Hampshire children with these conditions.

This course offers a balance of theoretical perspectives and practical approaches including; structured approaches to learning and living, behavioural approaches to skill teaching, developing communication, behaviour management and the development of play.

Booking your training

Visit the Learning Zone to find and book your chosen course.

Professional Options

In addition to the centrally funded courses Services for Young Children have a range of training and support opportunities available that can been delivered through the Professional Options service