Archive Demography: 2016 to 2019 full report

This chapter presents the key demographic factors and trends in Hampshire


Joint Strategic Needs Assessment: Demography chapter
PDF, 2.63MB, 47 pages.

The document covers these topics:

Overall population structure

  • Current population structure
  • History of population change in Hampshire
  • Population forecasts and projections
  • Births/deaths/migration
  • Life expectancy and healthy life expectancy
  • Health and unpaid care

Socio-economic factors

  • Index of multiple deprivation (IMD)
  • Fuel poverty
  • Housing/tenure
  • Labour market
  • Worklessness
  • Commuter patterns

Emerging themes

  • New housing developments and the impact on the local population dynamics
  • Equality, ethnicity and diversity
  • Impact of an ageing population on certain population groups