Play at Staunton Country Park

There’s plenty to keep little ones entertained during a visit to Staunton Country Park. Explore the site with our park explorer, folly and tree trails, perfect for all the family.

The follies are lots of fun to discover - also, why don’t you try and find the Green Man and Green Goddess, be sure to squeeze inside and look out at the world from their perspective!

Green Man carving
Green man carving

We’ve also got our outdoor play area for kids to let off steam. And the lookout is a fabulous spot to enjoy too. This interactive structure offers the chance to take in our amazing scenery and get a bird’s eye view of the mansion outline. Just like our very own giant Cluedo board, the stone mansion terrace shows us what the grand house would have looked like in its prime. How many different rooms can you spot?

Don’t forget the interpretation area either! It’s a brilliant place to learn more about the site’s fascinating history.

The Lookout