Assessment of travel plans

Assessing your travel plan before you submit your planning application

Hampshire County Council's Travel Plan team will assess the travel plan and provide comprehensive feedback including a statement of the plan's level of acceptability and whether it requires redrafting. Developers are strongly advised to refer to 'Hampshire County Council's A Guide to Development Related Travel Plans 2009' prior to submission.

Evaluation of a Travel Plan

When the Travel Plan is submitted with a planning application it must include an evaluation undertaken by the developer, or his adviser, based on the TRACES methodology.

Hampshire County Council will assess this evaluation at no cost to the developer. If the Travel Plan is not considered to be satisfactory the developer will be provided with feedback and given an opportunity to resubmit the plan. Second and subsequent evaluations will be undertaken by Hampshire County Council on the basis of the fees shown.


Fees for the evaluation and monitoring of travel plans are based on the size of the development.

Size of development Initial evaluation fee Subsequent evaluation fee Annual monitoring fee 5 years of annual monitoring Additional monitoring
Modest £750  At cost £1,000 £5,000 Years 7 and 9
Major  £1,500 At cost £3,000 £15,000 Years 7, 9, 12 and 15

Principles on which the fees are based

The fees reflect the amount of local authority officer time required to evaluate the initial plan, assess the monitoring data and participate in review and agreement to any amended plan in the future.

  • Data required for monitoring must be set out and agreed as part of the travel plan
  • All monitoring data must be supplied by the developer at their expense
  • Plans will be subject to annual monitoring and review for at least the first 5 years
  • Monitoring requirements beyond 5 years will be agreed as part of the plan and will normally be required with major developments
  • Reviews beyond 5 years will normally be less frequent – the years requiring monitoring will be set out in the plan
  • For some major developments it may be appropriate to agree a 15 year time period for monitoring and this will be agreed as part of the plan
  • The fee structure includes an incentive for the developers to provide the data to the agreed timescales, and penalties in subsequent years for failing to do so
  • The fee structure includes an incentive in the event that the targets are being met. In this case the monitoring fee will be reduced.  This will also apply if developers initiate amendments to the plan to assist with the delivery of targets that are not being achieved.

A guide to Travel Plans