Apply for a skip licence

You need a licence to place a skip on a public road or highway

What is it for

Licences are required to ensure the skips do not block access to property or apparatus within the highway, restrict visibility at junctions, accesses and crossing points or reduce highway widths to an unacceptable extent.

You don’t need a licence if you’re putting the skip entirely on private land.

Who can apply

Only approved skip hire companies can apply for a licence.

Companies can apply to become an approved skip hire company.

General conditions

  • A skip shall not be placed on the highway without the prior approval in writing of the Chief Engineer or their representative
  • The Applicant shall indemnify the County Council against all liability, loss, claim or proceeding whatsoever arising under the statute or common law in respect of the placing, and maintaining of skips on the highway, or their removal there from
  • The Applicant must have the minimum required public liability insurance cover (£10 million), Proof of which shall be required
  • The Applicant shall allow at least four clear working days between the date of application for a licence to place a skip on the highway and the date on which the licence is intended to commence
  • The Applicant shall only deposit and remove skips on the public highway between the hours of 7.30am and 8.30pm on all days
  • This licence does not apply to and does not permit the deposit of materials on the highway
  • Failure to comply with these conditions is a criminal offence and will result in the licence being withdrawn

Skip specifications

  • The skip shall not exceed 5 metres (16’6”) in length and 2 metres (6’6”) in width
  • The skip shall be clearly and permanently marked on one of the longer sides (not the end) with the Applicant’s name, address and telephone number
  • The ends of the skips shall be painted yellow and provided with vertical markings next to the side edges of the skip in accordance with the Builder’s Skips (Markings) Regulations 1984 and all current relevant specification

Position of skips

  • A skip shall not be placed on the highway so as to impede the surface water drainage of the highway or to obstruct access to other premises, fire hydrants, gullies, manholes or any apparatus belonging to a Statutory Undertaker or to Hampshire County Council
  • Any skip on the carriageway shall be positioned with its longer sides parallel to and as near to the edge of the carriageway as possible.
  • A skip shall be clearly visible to traffic approaching from either side at a distance of not less than 75 metres (250 feet) and shall not be placed within 20 metres (75 feet) of a road junction
  • A skip shall not partly or wholly obstruct a footway without the permission of the Chief Engineer or their representative. If such permission has been granted, a 1 metre (3 feet) wide pedestrian walkway must be signed and guarded to segregate pedestrians from traffic and the walkway must be lamped at night
  • Where more than one skip is placed adjacent to another upon the highway at the same time, the skips shall be positioned as close to each other as possible so that the distance between adjacent skips does not exceed 2 metres (6 feet)
  • Skips positioned on soft verges must be placed on suitable boards to prevent damage to the verge
  • A skip shall not be positioned on the highway so as to impede the flow of traffic

Lighting and coning

  • A skip on the carriageway shall be protected by three cones positioned on the approaching traffic side as shown in the diagram below
    Safety lighting and coning around skips
  • An amber lamp shall be attached to each corner of the skip and when the skip has been placed on the carriageway, lamps must be placed between traffic cones in accordance with the diagram below. Lamps shall be steady and shall comply with Section 43 of the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 1994. They shall remain lit throughout the hours of darkness (between half and hour after sunset and half an hour before sunrise). They shall be placed in such a manner as to not cause a nuisance to pedestrians or vehicular traffic

Skip contents

  • No skip shall contain any inflammable explosive, noxious or dangerous material which is likely to putrefy or become a nuisance to the users of the highway and the contents of the skip shall be kept damp to prevent nuisance from dust
  • No skip shall be used in such a way that any of the contents fall on to the highway

Removal of skips

  • No skip shall remain on the highway after the expiry of the licence. (If an extension is required a fresh licence application must be made to the Chief Engineer or his representative two working days prior to the expiry of the existing licence)
  • Any skip shall be removed as soon as possible and in any case not later than two working days after it has been filled
  • A skip may be removed or repositioned if required by the Police, the Chief Engineer or his representative
  • A skip owner placing a skip on the highway is responsible for the removal and proper disposal of the materials placed on the skip irrespective of who has used the skip
  • On the expiry of the licence, the highway where the skip has been positioned must be left in a clean and tidy condition and any damage to the highway repaired to the satisfaction of the Chief Engineer or his representative

  • £50
  • On application / for the first week of the licence
  • £24
  • Charged for each additional week
  • £36
  • One-off fee to inspect roll-on/roll-off skips (In addition to the application fee)

You will receive an automated receipt when paying for this service. No VAT is charged as this is a non-business service and the VAT is classed as ‘out-of-scope’. However, should it be required for your records, Hampshire County Council’s VAT number is GB 189 4068 22.


When applying for a licence ensure you submit a request for the full period of work as we do not offer extensions. If you require additional time on the highway you will be required to submit a new application with the associated fees.

If you're happy you understand the conditions and charges