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  • Towards a
  • new Local Transport Plan
  • for Hampshire

About our Local Transport Plan

Hampshire has the largest sub-regional economy in south east England, is home to 1.3 million people and enjoys a unique natural environment. But to protect and enhance our county for generations to come, we need to adapt and plan ahead.

Transport is an absolutely fundamental aspect – it affects how we live, work and interact; how we experience places; how our businesses operate; and our health and wellbeing. Our Local Transport Plan must get it right.

How will the Local Transport Plan be developed?

Hampshire County Council has a statutory requirement to have in place a Local Transport Plan (LTP). The current LTP (LTP3) was produced in 2011 and was subject to a minor review in 2013. The new Transport Plan (LTP4) will supersede the current LTP and will form the primary transport policy for Hampshire County Council to 2050.

To develop the plan, we will carefully consider the evidence gathered from the Hampshire 2050 Commission of Inquiry, and identify drivers of change. We will then set the vision, outcomes and guiding principles for the Local Transport Plan, before writing the full strategy. There will be a detailed process of engagement and consultation, with opportunities for stakeholders and the public to review the work and comment. This will take place during 2021.

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