Whitehill and Bordon Traffic and Transport

Last update: January 2019

Public consultation closed

Hampshire County Council invited Whitehill & Bordon residents and businesses to comment on proposals designed to improve how people can travel around the town once the new relief road is open.

The “Whitehill & Bordon Integration Project” is a collection of transport schemes planned to be introduced over a number of years. The plans include a package of transport measures to support Whitehill & Bordon’s regeneration into a Green and Healthy Town, such as:

  • widening footways to provide more and safer routes for pedestrians and cyclists;
  • providing more safer crossing points for pedestrians and cyclists
  • making it easy for existing residents to access the new facilities
  • making it easier for local drivers to get about; and
  • reducing traffic speeds in key locations such as the entrance to the new town centre.

The public consultation period ran from  13 July 2018 and ended at midnight on 9 September 2018.  The results are presented in this report.   

You can still view the information leaflet and exhibition plans  .


The Whitehill & Bordon transport delivery strategy has been designed to help support the wider regeneration of the town. The transport delivery strategy comprises the following elements;

  • Whitehill & Bordon Relief Road
  • A325 Integration (now referred to as the Whitehill & Bordon Integration Project)
  • Junction mitigation measures on the surrounding road network
  • Sustainable transport measures
  • Traffic management measures in surrounding communities

Whitehill & Bordon transport delivery strategy

Relief Road

Hampshire County Council has completed phase two of the Relief Road, the new A325, which is a two mile section south of phase one. This £20 million major scheme now joins up with phase one (Louisburg Avenue), to create the new Relief Road to the west of the area, with a dedicated path for pedestrians and cyclists.

Further Information:

Further details of the Whitehill and Bordon Relief road

Whitehill & Bordon Integration Project (formerly the A325i)

Further Information:

The remit of the integration project has been expanded to include Budds Lane, Station Road, Chalet Hill and Hogmoor Road in addition to the A325, between junction 1 and 6 of the Relief Road.

These roads are viewed by the Development Partners as equally important links that are also in need of treatment to ensure that they can perform the role / function required of them as part of the regeneration of Whitehill & Bordon into a green and healthy town.


In response to questions that have been raised with us regarding the Whitehill & Bordon Relief Road and the Whitehill & Bordon Transport Strategy, a list of frequently asked questions and answers has been complied. This list will be updated periodically.


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