Pedestrian access at Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs)

Timeslots for pedestrians and those using mobility scooters are available at certain HWRCs

Pedestrians or those using a mobility scooter can visit the below HWRCs on the days and times shown. You will not require a booking. Vehicles will not be admitted during these times.

Pedestrians will not be admitted to the centres at any other time. Pedestrians cannot access any other HWRC. Locations and times were approved following a six month trial. Read the decision report for pedestrian access at HWRCs.

Site rules and regulations

The site rules and waste acceptance restrictions also apply to pedestrians. In addition:

  • You must be able to carry and handle your own waste.
  • You must follow the directions of site staff at the HWRC and take care when moving around the site.
  • You must comply with the Highway Code.
  • You must queue on the pavement rather than on the road.
  • You must not park outside the centre in your car and walk your waste in. Site staff can refuse admission if you do this.
  • You may dispose of DIY waste in accordance with the site’s waste acceptance policy.

Site staff will monitor visitor numbers. This may result in queues during periods of high demand. Site staff can close the queue if demand is high near the end of the pedestrian time slot

Hampshire County Council monitors this service and may make changes at short notice.