Compost bins and heaps

Buying a bin

If you live in Hampshire, you can buy a reasonably priced home compost bin from £25 plus delivery. Otherwise, compost bins are generally sold in DIY or gardening stores. You might even be able to pick one up second hand.

Buying a compost bin
Love your bin again

Do you have a compost bins at home already but have stopped using it? Our community champions are on-hand to provide support and help you get back to loving your bin again.

Contact us at [email protected] and we'll help find a solution to your problem.

Making a bin or heap

Purpose-built compost bins keep everything contained and neat. You can also make your own, which is especially useful if you want to customise the bin size to the space you have available in your garden.

A large cardboard box or plastic box, plus a few simple tools are enough to make a basic compost bin at home, or for a more serious structure use old pallets or chicken wire. Why not involve the whole family for a fun and educational afternoon activity!

Fran Clifton, Head Gardener at Harold Hillier Gardens, shows us a compost bin which can be made easily at home with some old pallets (starts at 2:19) 


Making your own bin or compost heap

If you don’t feel ready to try full composting, a wormery is an easy and manageable alternative. See other ways to compost at home to find out how.