Compost bins and heaps

Buying a bin

If you live in Hampshire, you can buy a reasonably priced home compost bin from £18.50 plus delivery. Otherwise, compost bins are generally sold in DIY or gardening stores. You might even be able to pick one up second hand.

Buying a compost bin
Love your bin again

Do you have a compost bins at home already but have stopped using it? Our community champions are on-hand to provide support and help you get back to loving your bin again.

Contact us at and we'll help find a solution to your problem.

Making a bin or heap

Compost bins keep everything contained and neat, but you don't need to buy one to make compost.

Fran Clifton, Head Gardener at Harold Hillier Gardens, shows us a compost bin which can be made easily at home with some old pallets

Making your own bin or compost heap