Reusable nappies

Concerned about the amount of waste created when using disposable nappies? Reusable Nappies are a sustainable alternative!

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Also known as washable nappies, cloth nappies or real nappies, reusables have developed significantly in the past decade. They are a popular choice for many parents.

Hampshire County Council recognises that the initial cost of reusable nappies can be a barrier for some families. This is why we have partnered with a number of suppliers to secure Hampshire residents a 15% discount on reusable nappy products.

In partnership with Southampton and Portsmouth City Councils, we are pleased to offer this discount to all Hampshire residents, including those living in Southampton and Portsmouth.


Supplier partnerships

The impact

It is estimated that each child will go through as many as 4,000 nappies by the age of two and a half. That’s 920 kilograms per child – as heavy as two grand pianos!

As a result, disposable nappies make up around 6% of the average rubbish bin in Hampshire homes.

By switching to reusable nappies, you can make a big impact and reduce how much waste you throw away.

Try them out first

Nappy libraries are a great way to ‘try before you buy’ by renting a reusable nappy kit to suit your needs. The libraries often run advice sessions or groups so you can talk to other parents trying reusable nappies.

There are a number of active nappy libraries in Hampshire:

The cost

The upfront cost of a reusable nappy kit may seem high. Reusable nappies however can work out cheaper than disposables over the average nappy wearing period:

  • Some brands of disposable nappies can be as cheap as 15p per nappy, coming to a total cost of £600 (based on 4,000 nappies over 2.5 years)
  • A standard reusable nappy kit (consisting of 15 nappies, liners, wet and dry bags and a nappy bucket) can cost £115
  • You can gain extra value from them by reselling or using them again on future siblings

Keeping them clean

Modern reusable nappies do not require soaking and can be safely washed in the washing machine at home for hygienic, daily use.

Some designs have a removable lining so you won’t need to wash the whole nappy every time.

You can decrease the amount of energy you use by hanging the nappies out on a washing line or airer.

Please refer to washing guidance on individual products. Visit Love Your Clothes for more information or view their clothes care label guide.