Animal Health and Welfare

Reporting a welfare concern

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If you need to report an emergency welfare or disease control issue please call 01962 833620 or email [email protected]

Out of hours please notify the Animal and Plant Health Agency directly on 03000 200301

Licensing: District Councils are responsible for the licensing of breeders and pet shops - please contact your local district or borough council to report any concerns about these traders or businesses.

Animal disease control - useful information

We play an important role in preventing and managing outbreaks of notifiable animal diseases. Notifiable means that animal keepers must tell certain organisations about suspected outbreaks, depending on the type of disease. We have a number of plans in place to make sure we can respond quickly in an emergency situation.

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Protecting our borders - reporting illegal imports

Trading Standards plays a vital role in protecting the integrity of the UK's borders regarding animal disease control.

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Animal registration

The licensing of performance animals, pet shops and breeders has transferred to the district councils.

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