No Cold Calling Zones

No Cold Calling Zones do not create exclusion zones but they can send a clear message to uninvited callers that they are not welcome. The trading practices of uninvited callers could be investigated if they cold-call residents within a zone.

No Cold Calling Zones can comprise of a whole or group of roads, streets, drives etc.

Some charitable organisations will not collect donations from residents living within No Cold Calling Zones.

If a company ignores a request not to call, you can report it to the Citizens Advice Consumer Service. Call 0808 223 1133 or complete a Citizens Advice complaint form.

Check if your road is in a No Cold Calling Zone

Hampshire Trading Standards is committed to protecting consumers by fostering a fair trading environment. As part of this commitment, we are reviewing the way that we operate our No Cold Calling Zone offer.

Unfortunately, we are not able to progress new applications for No Cold Calling Zones at this time. You may want to consider Neighbourhood Watch as an alternative.