Applying for a school place in-year

An in-year admission is when a child needs an immediate school place during the school year

There are two main reasons for this. You might be moving house or unhappy with your child’s current school.

You can apply for an in-year place up to four weeks before the place is needed. Exceptionally, in-year applications requesting a September start will be considered from 11 June 2019.

Before you apply

If your child is having difficulties at their current school, please speak to the headteacher to try and resolve the situation in the first instance. Changing school can be difficult for a child and rarely solves their difficulties. It is important to consider the emotional, social and academic consequences for your child connected with a change of school before contemplating making an application to another school.

Finding a school

Use our school search to find Hampshire schools near to where you live.

Check the catchment school for your address.

When choosing a school, you must consider how your child will get there as you will be responsible for their travel arrangements and travel costs, unless you are eligible for statutory Home to School Transport.

Completing the application

Apply online for a place at a Hampshire school.

To apply for a school outside of Hampshire, including Southampton and Portsmouth, you will need to contact the relevant local authority.

Some schools, especially faith schools, require you to complete a supplementary form, in addition to the online application form. You should check the school’s admission policy to see if a supplementary form is required. Completed supplementary forms should be returned to the school.

If you are applying for a school place as a result of a house move or a military posting, you will need to provide evidence of your new address. Read section 3 of our address page to find out what evidence is required. Address evidence must be sent to the school.

Receiving the outcome

Schools will aim to respond to your application in writing within 10 school days.

If you are offered a place:

  • Speak to the school to arrange a start date.

If you are refused a place, you can:

  • Add your child to the school’s waiting list
  • Appeal the decision to refuse your child a place
  • Contact the Admissions Team, who can help you find an alternative school place.

Please note that schools are unable to respond to applications during the school holidays. If you are waiting for a decision, you will need to wait until after the schools return.