Making an admissions appeal

Read these pages carefully before you get started

Independent Appeals Service - Covid-19

Please read the following information before lodging your appeal
Updated regulations and guidance have now been issued by the Department for Education, effective from the 24th April 2020. In complying with the regulations, the Independent Appeals Service for Hampshire Schools has established that the majority of its panel members do not have access to the electronic means required to adequately conduct hearings using video technology. The decision has therefore been made that all appeal hearings will be considered on written submissions only for the time that these regulations are in force.

You can therefore continue to lodge your appeal as normal. Further details about the format of the hearing and amended timescales for when your appeal will be considered will be sent to parents/guardians directly once agreed. This communication will also include further guidance on how to submit additional evidence in support of your appeal.

If you have a disability which would cause you difficulty in making a written submission please let us know and we will consider what assistance or alternative arrangements may be available.

Due to the decreased level of staff within the Appeals Service and the increase in those working outside of the office, please could we ask you to direct any queries via email to

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.

Main round appeals timetable for community and voluntary controlled schools

Appeals for September 2020 main round entry will be heard during the summer term and will follow the timetables:

School Admission Appeals Timetable for Year R and Year 3

School Admission Appeals Timetable for Year 7

Main round appeals timetable for academy, voluntary aided, foundation and trust schools

Please visit each individual school's website for details of their timetable. You can find a school's website by using our find a school pages.

Who can lodge an appeal?

Any parent or guardian who has been refused a school place for their child has the right to appeal the decision.

The Independent Appeals Service manages appeals for Hampshire's community and voluntary controlled schools. For academy, voluntary-aided, foundation and trust schools, appeals are managed by the schools' own governing bodies.

Please refer to the 'find a school' pages for information on individual schools.

Are there alternatives to appealing?

Before starting the appeals process, you should consider the alternatives:

Accept the school place you have been offered

If you are a Hampshire resident, you will have been offered an alternative school place. Accepting this place will guarantee that your child can start school in September, even if no places become available at your preferred school. This will not affect your right to submit an appeal or your child’s current position on a waiting list.

Remain on the waiting list for your preferred schools

Your child’s name will automatically be added to any waiting list where your application has been unsuccessful. When a place becomes available, it will be offered to the child who is at the top of this list at that time. The waiting list is ordered in accordance with each school's admissions policy.

Apply for an alternative school

If you wish to apply for a school that was not on your original application, you can do this by contacting the admissions team.

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