Address information

Your child’s address

You must provide your child’s permanent address on the application form (even if you are planning to move after the application deadline).

This address is used to determine your school catchment area and distance from school.

Where children spend part of their week with one parent and part with the other, only one address can be used. This must be the address at which they spend most of their time.

If the address on your application is not your child’s normal address, you must provide a Child Arrangements/Residence Order, for this address to be considered.

Moving house
  • If you move house before the application deadline you must amend your online application or submit a new paper application form
  • If you move house after the application deadline you must send evidence of your new address to the County Admissions Team by:
    • 5 January 2018 (for Year 7 applicants) or
    • 15 February 2018 (for Year R and Year 3 applicants)

Your new address will be considered for your application. You can change the schools named on your application if they are no longer appropriate. If you would prefer us to use the address previously provided, please let us know.

Address evidence received after 5 January 2018 (Year 7) or 15 February 2018 (Year R and Year 3) cannot be considered for your application. It will be used to communicate the outcome of the application only.

Address evidence

If you are moving to or within Hampshire, you will need to provide evidence of your new address. Please refer to the list below for the evidence required depending on your type of move.

Property sale

Evidence required - a solicitors letter confirming exchange of contracts.

Property rental

Evidence required - a signed copy of your tenancy agreement (usually 12 months).

Returning to owned property

Evidence required - evidence of ownership of the property (for example council tax or utility bill) and your intended residence date. This could include evidence that you are leaving your current home and your new property is available for you to move into.

Moving to live with partner/friend/relative

Evidence required - a letter from the partner/friend/relative confirming the arrangements plus 3 pieces of evidence which demonstrate you are resident at the new address, such as household bills, driver’s licence, bank statement. Your application can only be based on the new address once you are actually living there.

Child moving from one parent to another

Evidence required - written confirmation from both parents of the new arrangements and proof of the new address (for example a recent council tax or utility bill).

UK service personnel and crown servants

Evidence required - an official letter declaring a relocation date and future home address, unit postal address or quartering area address.

Domestic violence refuge

Evidence required - a letter from refuge staff confirming that you are living there.


Places are withdrawn every year because parents give a false address on their application. This includes cases where parents buy or rent a property solely to use the address in the application without any intention of taking up permanent residence there.

The County Council will investigate all allegations of false addresses and may monitor residency details if use of a temporary address causes concern.