Heritage Language GCSEs

Support available

Where a pupil has well-developed skills in their first language and where there is a GCSE available in that language, EMTAS recommends the pupil is entered for the GCSE. Often, pupils achieve very good grades in their Heritage Language GCSEs and this can be a bonus when they are applying for college places. It is not necessary to wait until the pupil is in Year 11 to enter them for a Heritage Language GCSE but bear in mind that sometimes the themes of the exams are better-suited to older pupils (Year 9 onwards).

EMTAS can support the following heritage language GCSEs:


EMTAS offers a range of packages to help prepare pupils for Heritage Language GCSEs. When you have decided which package you want, ask your Exams Officer to complete the GCSE Support Request and GCSE Agreement forms and return them both to Rekha Gupta using the address details provided on the GCSE Support Request form by 1 March 2019.

Heritage Language GCSE results 2018

In 2018 EMTAS Bilingual Assistants supported 32 pupils in schools across the county to prepare them for heritage language GCSEs. Students took GCSEs in 10 different languages and 93.75% achieved A* to C Grades passes with 81.25% achieving A*/A.

Language A* A B C D E
Arabic 1   1 1    
Bengali 1          
Cantonese       1    
Greek 1          
Italian 4 1        
Mandarin 1          
Polish 3 6   1 1  
Portuguese 1 1       1
Russian 4          
Turkish 3          
Totals 19 7 1 3 1 1

For the first time, EMTAS Bilingual Assistants also supported 4 A level students this year- 3 Russian and 1 Turkish.

Language A B
Russian 2 1
Turkish 1  
Totals 3 1

Congratulations to all these students!


Any queries about Heritage Language GCSEs can be addressed to Jamie Earnshaw
Email: jamie.earnshaw@hants.gov.uk

For other information, contact Rekha Gupta
Email: rekha.gupta@hants.gov.uk