Advanced EAL learners and immersive gaming


This research project set out to develop teaching methods around the use of photo-realistic 3D immersive computer games with advanced EAL learners. With the aim of promoting more academic use of language and raising standards in writing.

The project also considered the relevance of gaming technology for 21st-century learning and how to use ICT to enhance language learning across the curriculum. This includes considering the relative merits of using interactive, touch-sensitive technologies to promote collaboration.

The study was conducted in two different contexts: Primary Phase and Secondary Phase 

Primary phase (Key Stage 2)

Whilst this research report considers both contexts, illustrative examples and specific outcomes have been mainly drawn from the Key Stage 2 study.

  • five advanced EAL learners from Years 4 and 5 in a whole class setting
  • collaborative teaching model
  • around 30 hours of teaching over a four-week period
Secondary phase
  • a small-group of three advanced EAL learners from Years 8 and 9
  • withdrawal intervention model
  • 12 hours of guided teaching sessions in one- or two-hour blocks
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