EMTAS phone lines (Term time only)

Language phone lines for parents/carers, Hampshire maintained schools and SLA-supported academies

Phone lines may only be used to support communication with a child where an adult is present with the child for the duration of the phone call.

Please ring us on our help lines below for information and support with home-school communication or if you have any questions relating to your child's education or well-being.

All our assistants speak good English so if you can use even a little English you can call at any of the times listed below.

If you need an interpreter for any other language, phone EMTAS on 03707 794222 or email emtas@hants.gov.uk with your contact details and the language you speak. We will do our best to help you.

Information for schools

Our phone lines are included in our SLA and are free to Hampshire maintained schools and academies that have bought back into our SLA. Pre-schools and non-subscribing academies can purchase a subscription to our phone lines. Please email alison.dunphy@hants.gov.uk to discuss how this might work for your setting/academy.


Zein Ahmed

  • Monday 1:30pm to 3:30pm
  • 03707 794222

Arabic Phone line card


Iliana Kocheva

  • Friday 2pm to 4pm
  • 03707 794222

Bulgarian Mandarin Phone line card

Chinese Mandarin

Shelley Clarke

  • Tuesday 1pm to 3pm
  • 03707 794222

Chinese Mandarin Phone line card

Hindi and Marathi

Meera Narasimhan

  • Tuesday 2pm to 3pm
  • 03707 794222
Hindi and Marathi Phone line card

Ildiko Ordog

  • Thursday 10am to 12pm
  • 03707 794222

Hungarian Phone line card

Malayalam, Tamil and Telegu

Anantha Bharathan Kurup

  • Tuesday 2pm to 4pm
  • 03707 794222

Malayalam Phone line card

Tamil Phone line card


Sudhir Lama

  • Friday, 12:30pm to 2:30pm
  • 03707 794222

Nepali Phone line card


Katarzyna Tokarska or Magdalena Raeburn

  • Wednesday 2pm to 4pm
  • 03707 794222

Polish Phone line card


Catarina Martins

  • Friday 1pm to 3pm
  • 03707 794222
Portuguese Phone line card

Ildiko Ordog

  • Thursday 10am to 12pm
  • 03707 794222
Romanian Phone line card

Fiona McKenzie

  • Wednesday, 2:30pm to 4:30pm
  • 03707 794222

Spanish Phone line card


Ozgul Springett

  • Wednesday 1pm to 3pm
  • 03707 794222

Turkish Phone line card

Gypsy, Roma and Traveller phone line

EMTAS telephone advice service for schools and parents/carers to answer questions relating to Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils and to discuss any concerns.

To speak with one of our dedicated Traveller team:

  • Thursday 12:00pm to 3:00pm (term time only)
  • 03707 794222
  • Ask for the Traveller phone line
English as an Additional Language (EAL), Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

If you have concerns about the progress of a pupil for whom English is an Additional Language, please first read the information on the Special Education Needs/Disabilities (SEND) or bilingual page. If, having done this, you still require support, then phone our EAL/SEND phone line for further advice. Note that this phone line is for schools and other professionals only.

  • Tuesday 12pm to 4pm (term time only)
  • 03707 794222
  • Advice about a bilingual pupil (where there are concerns)